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1st Cutting Cycle


I appreciate constructive feedback.

Let me know if this is okay and what changes I should make.


WeekEQGHTest EMastWin
5400mg4iu200 mg150 mg
6400mg4iu200 mg150 mg
7400mg4iu200 mg150 mg
8400mg4iu200 mg150 mg
9400mg4iu200 mg150 mg
10400mg4iu200 mg150 mg
11400mg5iu200 mg150 mg
12400mg5iu200 mg150 mg20 mg
13400mg5iu200 mg150 mg20 mg
14400mg5iu200 mg150 mg20 mg
15400mg5iu200 mg150 mg20 mg
16400mg5iu200 mg150 mg20 mg
17400mg5iu200 mg150 mg20 mg
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Why the gh but no trenbolon

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so what are your macros? and any particular reason you are not using test the first 4 weeks in????

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Your last post you were proposing to run 300mg Tren ace ED, 28iu's HGH ED and 100mg Adrol - Now this? Personally I don't think you should be running anything.

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28??? Seriously?

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This is your first cutting cycle? Ever?

What’s your cycle history and what did those cycles do.

Post some pictures man, you’re all over the place. First that gh15 post, now this. Nobody can help unless you give them all the pieces of the puzzle.

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Cutting depends all on your diet. EQ sucks in my opinion and a waste of money.

You need to provide your previous cycle history.

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I agree for cutting theres much better compounds around...also it makes you hungry makes no sense

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Exactly bro and the worst is to be hungry on top of hungry lol...

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In my opinion you should keep the test the same at a trt dose. 100-200mg a week. The mast is also dosed very low. At 50-100mg your not really going to see any results. I would completely get rid of the mast as it’s pretty pointless as that dose. I’d reccomend doing 100-200 mg test e a week and keeping dose the same. Then I would increase the eq to 400mg a week. And I would take winny at 20mg for last 6-8 weeks.

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Thank you, Pavkinal. Making those changes. The mast was there to free up more androgen and for minor sides, as I get some gyno and bloat with T doses above 200.

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You should put your previous cycle experience, how many cycles, what compounds and so on before anyone is going to offer any real advice. That being said, these numbers look like you need to do some more research on each compound listed. 10mg winstrol isn't going to do anything appreciable unless you're a female

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Understood. When I get more time, I will update my cycle history. Changed the winstrol dose, but kept it low. I have not taken orals aside from anavar and wanted to take it easy the first go round, then see what the bloods look like. Not trying to waste anyone's time here; Thanks for the input despite there being no background.

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