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Estimated T/A: 
12-21 Days - This is because for the Corona and delayed worldwide logistics.

Minimum Order: 

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TELEGRAM GROUP: to see all news and active sales


[email protected]

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Has anyone tried
Primobolan Depot 175
and the new METHYLTRIENOLONE-1 ?
how are your feelings and opinions ?

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I have tried Primo175. 2ml per week, no pip at all,and it's definitely legit primo.
Never tried Mtren,too toxic imo.

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Good to know, I was curious about that primo. It is somewhat a new product for them I believe.

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New promo is live

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What’s the cost of shipping?

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Shocked this source discussion page doesn’t have more action considering the promo.

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Its a $500 min promo.

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Since covid is basically over is the t/a for us domestic still 12-×21 days

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No It's not sir... USA domestic is 4-7 days and International 10-15 days

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New promo is live!!!

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U have new added on site , pharmaqo pens 36iu

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Mr.PQR, I have a quick question for you: I'm looking for some T-400. But I see the most recent test results for your T-400 says "OLD BATCH". What does that mean exactly? Hahaha how old??? And do you have test results for your new (most recent) batch instead?
Link below:

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Hey bro...they are all the same perfectly dosed just new ones have New labels thats the difference

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I've placed my first order with Pharmaqo labs. It seems to be on the way, but i've really struggled with their website. It created an account with my email address without me ever putting in a password. Once my bitcoin was ready, I tried to log back in and could not. I tried the password reset option (several times) and never got an email. I ended up creating a new account using my wifes email address. Somehow again, it created an account without me ever putting in a password. It even pulled her Picture from her gmail profile. I placed my order, was able to click the book mark and monitor my order without having to log back in. Today, my bookmark no longer takes me to my order and I can't log in again. The password reset button never sends her an email, again. I click contact and get a 404 error on the page. Is there any way to contact the folks at pharaqo and get a legit profile set up?
Thanks in Advance. Jay

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Send Mr.PQR a PM or Email him.

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Loving the HGH and LR3 - gonna be writing my review soon!!

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Yo check your PM

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I just received my package
Anavar 10 I am excited/nervous to start but doing this! --

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Remmember to take progress pics and review

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I am not sure how I post pics on here . I will figure it out though ! I’m on day 4 and I have had the slight headaches and today I started getting the lower back pain . I’ll do a full review after two weeks ! I was doing 5mg and got frustrated with trying to split the tablet so I decided to just say eff it and do 10mg a day .

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Only nervous because of the chance it not being Real var , being a female and ordering var is a little riskyyyyy -- but I’m gonna do it and hope for the best !! Thank you for the extra reassurance! I’ll update !

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Nice! I just started my test cyp, tren hex, primo, GH and LR3 cycle. It’s time to blow up!

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