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MED-TECH Solutions Reviews

  • Cheebaweebie's picture
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  • Cheebaweebie
  • 5 months ago

Writing a review for my most recent order of MTS olis.
Just kicked off my 26 week cycle with a mix of MTS and DP oils and orals (anavar).

MTS NPP and Prop for Weeks 1-6 (taking MTS Test E and DP Deca at same time). Will drop MTS NPP and and Test P and continue MTS Test E and DP Deca to Week 14. lower Test E and add in MTS Mast E, DP Tren E and DP Anavar for remainder of cycle.

Test E 200 - Just started this week
NPP 100 - through two weeks
Mast E - Introducing in week 13
Test P - Smooth no PIP 2 week in
DBol - Not used given Gyno I'm fighting.

So far so good. minimal if any PIP. Strength is coming back after 2 month break from the gym - slowly (work related and letting nagging tendonitis heal) Libido is slightly up. no weight gain as of yet. but need to get my calories up significantly. Hard to go from 2500 to 3700 calories a day. Appetite should pick up here soon. Will keep this post updated since I'm only 2 week in.

MTS has been one of the easiest if not the easiest supplier to order from. From shipping TOA to east cost of US, ease of ordering, payment options, I know I have seen mixed reviews and claims of under dosing but I can't wait till bloods in week 8 -10 which will be the tell tale.

I am mixing another suppliers gear with MTS but test P and E is all MTS. So bloods will show. looking forward to the gains.

Based on this and previous orders I would order from MTS again.

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MTS seems to always have a good product. Been using for years. Did you get your blood work done yet?

  • staglione44's picture
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  • staglione44
  • 10 months ago

I tried these guys for the first time and they are definitely legit.

DECA 300 - Strong! Only needed to use 300mg a week. Joints felt better and strength increases

TEST 400 - Also strong! 400mg a week and worked well with the Deca. A little bit of PIP but tolerable

EQUI-MAX - This is some of the best EQ I've ever used. Usually have to use high doses like 800mg a week
but I only needed 500mg a week. Great vascularity while using this stuff and joints felt better.

I have a rotator cuff injury and I mainy stick with these 3 oils and Med-Tech offers the best quality. The communication was great as I was a little confused with the website but these guys helped me through it.

They offer great discounts and free bottles and I'm definitely buying from them again.

  • bigpaparn's picture
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i concur. i consider myself a 50 y.o giant piece of scar tissue and father time is proving himself daily. doing some research about deca and restorative properties decided to try. started off at low dose just 150mg a week. wanted benefits with lowest amount side effects. of course some benefit, must always up dose :). pain completely gone, no, but to reduce it from an 8 to a 4 and improve quality of workouts could not ask more.

  • EireAn's picture
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  • EireAn
  • 12 months ago

I have bought many compounds from these guys and it always seems to be legit and strong. Have never ran lab results but have seen them around and they seem solid.

Their EquiMax 500mg worked on me like a charm. at 1000mg/week I felt like I was on a strong bulker instead of a more cutting oriented compound. I was huge and cut, my shoulders caused envy everywhere.

Stay away from Test 400 in my opinion. Seems to be legit 400mg, cause it hurt like HELL. And this is coming from a guy that has had disk issues from deadlifting..... so... I warned you!

  • RolandC.'s picture
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  • RolandC.
  • 12 months ago

Med-tech Is by far the best supplier I ever used.
After I used there "Lean gain" mix i was for the very first time seeing real changes.I could just feel the difference in Quality! My order was Test E Test Prop. Tren Ace100. Masteron prop. and Pct 50.
I cant even compere the service with other sources. Every question will be answered within a few hours and also there delivery service rocks!
I found them because a very well known Bodybuilder referred me to them and I just got ripped of big time from a well known Company.
All there Products are dosed perfectly and I never get any pip at all.My favorites are the Med-Tech mixes like Lean Gain and Lean Extreme! (I only use one needle for 3 compounds that helps a lot)!
I have been a sold customer for a few years now because i never had any problems with them. But I only "order from them directly" not from some shady second class source that fakes there product.
You know a Lab is doing real good if others fake there products.
There is no way the quality of the Lab and service can be beaten. Med.Tech
I just put in another order and will make a better review once I used it.
Thanks R.

  • Cheebaweebie's picture
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  • Cheebaweebie
  • 1 year ago

Needed a couple extra vials of Tren A to finish out my current cycle with Pharmacom's Mix line. Came across and ordered from MTS as I needed it in a hurry. First I will say, the ordering process was smooth. Paid by CC and got my order quickly (I think less than 2 weeks door to door- east coast US). So I added MTS Tren in place of Pharmacom's TA and I received no PIP. Sides went down slightly (Still night sweats but sleep is better). Am running (with the mix) around 700 MG of Tren a week with 400 MG of test and Mast as part of the mix. Jury is still out as I have approx 4 weeks left with MTS tren. My concern is that its under dosed compared to Pharmacom. It shouldn't be but with the reduction in sides and additional reviews I found with lab reports of other MTS products that didn't meet what the product was claiming. I hope this isn't the case. I will post an update once I drop the tren and mix and go to Test anavar.

  • Empty's picture
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  • 1 year ago

Bought mts lean xtreme and primo and ran for 14 weeks, my weight was 92kg at 6ft and I was well out of shape with a horrible 26% bf. After 14 weeks I’m down to 20% bf and weigh in at 94kg with serious definition and I now have abs and major vascularity.

In the course of my cycle I gained a descent amount of strength putting 20kg on my back squat and 15kg on my power clean’s.

Had really good energy and recovery was outstanding. All in all can’t fault mts and having used them many times in the past for there tablet range I will be ordering my lean xtreme blend and and a few other oils to go on my next cycle.

Delivery was fast and stealth really good, delivery price was very reasonable also which was very nice.

Great source

Mts lean xtreme
Mts primo

  • EireAn's picture
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  • EireAn
  • 2 years ago

Up to now I can't say anything bad about this lab. Good prices, good deals to keep you loyal.

  • Fast shipping
  • Free bottle on your first order
  • Good variety of payment methods including standard debit cards

Items bought:
Clomid, Nolva, Ment and Test 400

Test 400 (only product used so far):

I did bloodwork near the end of the cycle and I think it's well dosed. Another reason I think it's actually 400mg of Test is because it hurts LIKE HELL! Even in your glutes, anywhere else and you will be wishing you were dead.

I blew up on their Test 400 while taking Ligandrol and MK-677 alongside. At the very least 20lb of actual muscle. Which once again suggests that it's actual 400mg/ml.

Will definitely buy from them again.

  • deepfried's picture
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  • deepfried
  • 2 years ago

These guys are the best. Below are details about my most recent orders (Direct from them) and everything they've done to excel:

  • My main cycle was Test 400, Tren A and Tren E at 500/100/50 PW. (I am not a bodybuilder and I cycle to combat crohn's, so please bare that in mind when reading)

Items from main cycle order arrived quickly and as expected. Well packaged, clearly indicated expiry dates, and some of the best blended oil I've ever seen outside of Pharma sustanon.

Lean mass gains were great, and the speed of Crohn's remission was positively impacted to an immense degree due to the hugely enhanced protein synthesis I had at my disposal.

To cycle off, I ordered two tubs of the PCT+ product they sell. It's the cheapest you can get SERMS, Proviron and Cialis bundled together as far as I'm aware, and they do a great job. (My girlfriend provided a great acid test.)

There was a slight issue when ordering, as the items went out of stock at the same time as I ordered. No worries, it happens sometimes.

In an EXTREMELY positive twist, they bundled in a 10ml vial of 300mg per ml Test E. This wasn't actually mentioned when they emailed to explain why my package was (only very slightly) delayed, so it was a WONDERFUL surprise. At the time I ordered, all new customers were getting a free vial of their (limited) choice, so it was nice to see that a human being saw my order situation and let me in on a nice benefit like that.

Great people making great products and providing a great service.

And, even better, there's a loyalty system! The vast majority of products produce a "point" per £10 spent, and each point is worth £1, so over time you can make HUGE savings.

  • kriss krisp's picture
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  • kriss krisp
  • 2 years ago

order 5 x test 400, delivery great, packaging excellent.
First 2 vials no pip, good gains
third vial terrible pip and hard lump that lasted for several days
contacted medtech, they came back to me straight away and wanted to resolve the issue, i said that i didn’t want any test 400 replacement and that i would prefer Bulk Bombs (a mixture of 4 oral steroids), and a few days later they arrived in the post,very satisfied with there customer services

Ordered there big n full, ok gains
Have also used there arimedex and cialis, both were spot on.
So my final verdict was that the injectables were ok, had a problem with pip and after injection lump, guys at medtech resolved my issue by giving me orals as a replacement, other orals i’ve tried have been spot on, so i’m confident that there bulk bombs should be good as well, will update my post after a couple of weeks with results.

  • ec94's picture
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  • ec94
  • 2 years ago

Been using MTS for a few months now and I have to say I'll be sticking with this lab, customer service is spot on, emails replied to within the hour normally from GODZILLA who is very helpful. Even had a few freebies thrown in occasionally which just adds to the overall whole package.
Shipping has come within 2 days every time for me, discreet packaging but very well protected.
Overall the team is spot on and you've got a loyal customer in me!

  • Bazroid1980's picture
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  • Bazroid1980
  • 2 years ago

I have been using med-tech AAS for 3 years and always had great strength and size gains with minimal sides. I used to get my vials from a bloke in the gym but after being let down mid course several times I decided to try my luck and go direct to med-tech which I was apprehensive about to start with.

My 1st order came in 4 days after payment, complete with free vials as advertised for new customers.
I have since made a further 4/5 orders which have all been delivered quickly and discretely with no hassle, I have recommended med-tech to other friends who have ordered with no problems.

They have a great team who always answer any queries quickly, I fully recommend med-tech to everyone.

  • Kameleon's picture
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  • Kameleon
  • 2 years ago

So MTS were my first experience with AAS - I've been lifting for 5 years and have kept my nutrition in check throughout different phases of my years. I've been wanting to try AAS for a while to get that next step but like everyone starting out there's a huge worry about if the compounds are real or cause horrible side effects, or even do nothing.
By chance I got talking to a friend of a friend who sourced my first cycle for me, just Test-E that I took at 1ml (300mg) every 3 days and the gains were amazing, I ran a 10 week cycle and by week 4 I had broken every PB of mine in the gym, had 0 PIP and very little water retention and ended up 10KG heavier than the start.

My second cycle for a cutting phase I ordered directly, Test-E again, Anabol and MENT. The package arrived promptly, the vials were well wrapped and the packaging itself very discreet. My questions were also answered via email within a few hours maximum which gives me an increased confidence with the company. I ran this cycle for 12 weeks, the MENT EOD and the Test E3D and despite being on low calories / low carbs I still managed to increase my strength and cut down body fat for my holiday.
I'm currently on a PCT cycle but I'm already planning my next bulking cycle in a few months and will 100% be using MTS products again; I was very worried about injecting substances into my body, especially as a first time user yet the results are exactly as I hoped for. Thank you MTS.

  • ec94's picture
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  • ec94
  • 2 years ago

Heard some good things from a few friends about MTS and thought I'd take the plunge and give it a go, tried several labs before, just swapped from Alpha Pharma to try MTS. Bought directly from the website and it couldn't have been easier. My order was placed late on a Wednesday evening and was delivered early Friday morning - so basically next day shipping. Confirmation email was sent over within an hour of ordering. The vials I ordered each came individually bubble wrapped and then placed in a padded envelope. Im only just over a week in to the cycle (test prop, then a 1ml each eod) and I'm loving it, oil is clean and smooth and hardly any PIP which is rare considering its a short ester cycle. Great service all round, will be sticking with MTS I reckon!

  • Daann01's picture
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  • Daann01
  • 2 years ago

Had tried a few ug labs overhere in the netherlands, thought they were okay.. untill I tried mts, this was a total new experience and I was shocked by the quality!

Especially the blends are special, why? They ain't easy to make, so you have to be a good cook to make these!
The first one I've tried was med-mutasion and I've ran it untill 4 weeks before my comp, because of it I was still able to put on a bit of muscle while cutting! For my the dosages were perfect to use 1ml every other day.

The next thing I had to try was the equi-max (500mg/ml) I'm a big fan of equipoise but obviously I don't like the amount of ml's I have to stick into my ass...
The bulk bombs are the best blend of orals I've ever used, even though I've got no clue whats in there.

For me this is the brand to go with!

  • CrawleR's picture
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  • CrawleR
  • 2 years ago

MTS was my first experience with AAS and I definitely couldn't have chosen better.
So far I tried:
Lean Gain Blend
Mast E
Nan Test Blend

Won't get into detail about all of them however the quality was just superb as one would expect.
I respond very well to Deca, one of my favourite bulking compounds, my first cycle was Test E / Deca only both from MTS.
Later on I ordered some Mast E, helped me get a more lean look whilst I decrease carbs.
Lean Gain is my go to for a cut, I may run it on the first few weeks alongside longer esters to speed things up.
Can't vouch enough for the quality of their products.
Definitely among the top labs out there.

  • Empty's picture
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  • Empty
  • 2 years ago

Stanavar 50x100mg stanazolol/anavar
Pct +

Well what can I say other than stanavar is the best oral combo I've ever used full stop. I want to run it forever although being methlayted that's not possible :/

I started out at 93.4kg 26% body fat and finished 92kg 21% bf

My strength went up loads with 20kg on my back squat which was 150 now 170 although I think I've got another 5-10kg in me.
My quads are huge now and vasularity is insane with veins showing everywhere.

No major sides either thankfully.

This mix gives you massive power in your legs which for 400m sprints and metcons is amazing.

My goal was to shed fat and retain or even gain some lean muscle mass, this was far more than I expect !

Ran theproviron with stanavar at 50mg a day to keep thehard dry body look and help in the bedroom as obviously using no test it will crush your sex drive

Pct+ seems an odd mix but actually works really really well and I've used it in my past two cycles.

All in all it's great service and packing is fantastic, delivery times are quick and I can't fault them.

  • 3zyyz's picture
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  • 3zyyz
  • 3 years ago

I just registered on this website to share my experience with this pharma
i bought from my local supplier Test Prop with danabol , for 10 weeks
i started morning to shot my first injection and went to gym, next day i weak up with horrible test flu (headache , cold nose, sneezing etc) i cant even go to the gym or eat well so i took relax for 2 day hoping that bad feeling go away later on i took the second shot next day the same thing as well

So, I threw that vial away and kept the danabol on hand to continue my course at least to gain something
after one week with using only 30g per day the test flu is back again

waste of time and money


  • Trenroye305's picture
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  • Trenroye305
  • 3 years ago
  • @3zyyz

Hey all, I'm a long time steroid user and am very knowledgeable with the gears. There are absolutely no reason for me to spend my time and bashed this company.....but I just want to inform some of people that are thinking about using med tech's product... I found this company from a steroid forum but I won't mention the name. I decided to try it out but it turns out to be complete shxt ....definitely does not live up to it description..... all of their gear are unerdosed and dirty. Well you may ask where's the prove.....? Well I had discussed this problem among with some of the forum members. And we came up with some funds and send the product to the lab.......and the product are dirty and unerdosed.....u can ever Google it up for the lab report... why take the risk and waste money....choose a reputable company instead!

  • OZZIE's picture
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haha.... you got test flu from danabol after 1 week... as this is complete nonsense... your entire post smells of competitor discrediting ... i can't believe i read this nonsense.

I suggest you get educated before posting this crap.

Test Flu” – What it is and what to do

All of us at one time or another has experienced “Test Flu” in our cycles. I want to give some insight to educate the community and give some possible remedies in helping relieve the symptoms. So you can get the most out of your cycle.

First, what is “Test Flu”? It is not an official diagnosis that a physician would label, but a term that is associated with the flu because of the similarity of symptoms. The symptoms have a rapid onset. Often starts with the onset of low grade fever, headache, fatigue, and body aches. Not in that exact order or even all the symptoms listed may occur. Listed below are a few symptoms you may be experiencing:
• fever (low grade)
• severe aches and pains in the joints and muscles
• generalized weakness
• fatigue
• headache
• dry cough
• sore throat and watery discharge from your nose

“Test Flu” varies from individual to individual based on their immune system. It’s the intercorelation between your immune system and your endocrine. If you overload one then the other responds unfavorably. It’s your body’s auto immune response to the foreign substance that has entered your body and caused and influx of hormones. Your body sees the large increase as foreign and tries to get rid of it. Triggering an inflammatory response and raising you metabolism. Once your body builds its resistance to it, the symptoms relieve or even resolve. This usually takes a week or so.

“Test Flu” doesn’t necessarily mean your gear is dirty or that it’s good to go either. That’s more of an urban legend than truth.

Generally, the “Test Flu” is far more common with the short ester preparations like propionate. If you are using TestE then maybe consider to change to Test Cyp
A good rule of thumb is the shorter the carboxylic acid chain, then the greater degree of possible tissue irritation that can trigger the auto immune response. The reason being is these esters are acids, so they cause a localized reaction that the body reacts in a common defensive fashion and thus creating the “Test Flu”

Now this not always the case in every person because please remember we are all engineered differently. So everyone reacts differently to different things.

So what can we do to help to prevent or even reduce the symptoms in the meantime?
My OTC remedy is Vitamin C 4000mg in two split doses (2000mg in AM , 2000mg in PM) a day and Zinc 100mg in two split doses (50mg in AM, 50mg in PM) for a week and drop the dosages in half until symptoms subside. Drink plenty of water to ensure hydration which will also aid in recovery.

I hope this information was useful and helped the community

  • 3zyyz's picture
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i highly recommend you to review the below comment as they all got the same issue with this gear

it's crap and cheap, useless as f*ck

  • Jlowe's picture
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  • Jlowe
  • 3 years ago

First time ordering from this source and I must say it was a great experience. They offer the best payment options around and the shipping is prolly the best I have ever seen!! I ordered 3 vials of sust and 2 vials of big n full. My gear was in my hands exactly. 5 days from placing my order. The quality of the gear is very good in my opinion I've noticed weight gains and libido is through the roof!!! The customer service was excellent and the fact you get a free vial for being s new customer is awesome. I think for some reason they've got a bad review here and there and it's crazy to me people are saying bad stuff about them. All in all I will use them again very soon and may just make them my go to source.

  • Rexy1's picture
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  • Rexy1
  • 3 years ago

Horrible just horrible gear
Ordered 4 test e vials
guess what,
The moment i inject, i get horrible PIP the next 2 days and test flu(cold nose, sneezing etc) for 3 days.
I can't believe i wasted my money.
They probably made it badly, filled too much BA(can tell from muscle being irritated, warm lump appears sometimes that lasts for 4 painful days)
used it for 3 weeks because i had to order from another person and was waiting for theirs to arrive, had nothing else to use


  • OZZIE's picture
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I had this issue before and I checked with them. This is because of EO in all their test-E products. Every product that has Test-E will have EO and of course some have reactions to it. Everything else I found to be very good. Test-Cyp and sus was amazing good and I did well in the NABBA VIC last year using their gear.

  • Empty's picture
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  • 3 years ago

I've used this lab 4 times now trying there pct+ there tamoxifen there modafinil and there anavar.

All items i have used have been what they say they were and all g2g. Delivery was fast from the uk and only took 6 days from there international range via hong kong. I have also tried the proviron international and standard both bayer.

The anavar is a brown tablet and I've tried the 50mg version and my partner the 10mg with great results. Lost a load of body fat with good diet and enjoyed some nice lean gains also.

Honestly can't fault there products in anyway so will be my go to for as long as things stay the same.

  • TiagoBrah's picture
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  • TiagoBrah
  • 3 years ago

I ordered a few orals from this site. Their stealth shipping option is second to none. HOWEVER, i tested my 50mg Anavar tabs and turns out it is TURINABOL! I uploaded the photos here BEWARE PLEASE

  • hollywood2000's picture
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  • hollywood2000
  • 4 years ago

Ordered some JINTROPIN (no gear)

A++++++ on point, picked up my funds in less than 24hrs.... received my kit in the mail (stealth) in one week!!!

A++++++ MTS sells REAL Jintropin (no bogus mainland China crap) got the veins and numbness to prove it

A++++++ Flawless, if you are looking for a great HGH source hit 'em up

  • tomens's picture
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  • tomens
  • 4 years ago

I am 32 and have decided to "self medicate"
doctor wouldnt help me, my test on blood work came back 300

I used mts due to a recommendation by a friend

I am only on their testosterone enanthate 1cc a week

It has been about 5 weeks now and I have to say I don't remember feeling this good in a long time.
the energy, the libido (thought this was long gone)

Don't have much else to say, the wife couldn't be happier and its great feeling like 20 again

thank you mts

  • alfalfa's picture
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  • alfalfa
  • 4 years ago

MTS has been great to me dont think I will go anywhere else for gear.

My girl is currently running their var in her prep - 12.5mg everyday split am/pm
The results have been unreal, definitely doing its job. She is hard dry vascular
Some big changes in her physique all around - libido through the roof (at 2 weeks out none the less! LOL). She has used tbol before and its just not the same, tbol covered her in a thin layer of water. The var is completely dry and hard, good pumps (even though like no carbs), again vascularity lol obliques are covered in veins.

Ive used many of their oils and blends none have disappointed me yet.
Their orals are very impressive, the stanavar hardens me up fast, the var doesnt let the winny flatten me it was a great combination 100mg each ed

Next on my list is the halotestin, powerlifting buddy picked some up - hes used halotestin many times from many different sources and he couldnt believe it he said. Used it for a week 20-40mg I believe going into his meet. Said his strength and agression was unparalleled by anything hes used before so, definitely on my list lol

His lifts for that meet
Squat: 630
Bench: 350
Dead: 690

He really wanted that 700 lol still 30lb pr on dead