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I have used many products from many different batches of Kalpa pharma. Test-e, test prop, test-suspension and tren-e and all of them were top notch! Results were as expected and the oils are very smooth, even the test-suspension is pretty much PIP free! The sources selling Kalpa on here run their businesses like pros, quick responds, fast shipping and all of them are cool guys,easy to deal with, but most important, the products totally kick ass! I would without a doubt recommend this lab and given the opportunity, I will run their products again! A+++ lab and great experiences!

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Kalpa kicks ass. I am currently running Kalpa Clomid, Nolva, and Aromasin for my pct.
It is unbelievable how nice it has made my recovery. It took one week post cycle of Kalpa Pct to fire my nuts back up and I was feeling like I had just injected prop.
Kalpa is gear that i trust, and good clean gear.
I highly reccommend it .
I've Ran Kalpa Clen as well. That shit is fire. I don't think that you can fake clen, and Kalpa sure as hell didn't. That shit worked me over. Lol.

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This post has made me a believer but how can I find somewhere reliable with these products?! Thank you for any help

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I too have experienced kalpa products mostly PCT.. and everything has been legit. I have also used the Nandroxyl 250, Sustaxyl 350 which I felt were great products very clean and dosed right!

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I have used Kalpa's nolva,arimidex, clen, t3, test e, tren e
All the gear I have used from them until now have been spot on,

Nolva: takes the gyno in a few hours, and helped making an easy pct.
Arimidex: the reason I dont use a bra haha.
Clen: gave med nice hunger suppression, little shaky hands, little sweat.
T3: works within a hour or two, metabolism is up, getting a nice warm feeling, increased sweating,
Test e: works as estimated, using it for trt therapy during cycles.
Tren e: Feeling like a cool motherfucker check, increased sweating check, bad dreams check, worser cardiovascular form check, more visible muscles check(hardening).

Injection pain is really mild, if any at all.
Pills feels properly dosed.

Kalpa is a safe buy by my experience.

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I've used kalpa var and it's way more potent than anything else I've ever tried. Strength gains are amazinggggg!

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good shit. quality gear here. have used the test cyp and looking forward to running the eq. great reputable company right here and look forward to trying out more of their products.

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I have used Kalpa test prop, test e, and dbols. They all seemed to be well dosed, the test prop had very little pip and kicked in fast. The test e had more pip then the prop, and sometimes turned red and hot. the dbols are gtg

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I have used Kalpas Test Cyp, Dbol, and Decca. The test was the best I have used for aggression and sex drive, it gave me some decent gains no pip with this product. The decca I felt was a little bit mild from what I have used in the past, again no pip with this product. Now the Dbol was the best I have used non-stop hunger pains even after i ate, back pumps were terrible, good pumps and strength gains...

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I've used Kalpa a few times, have ran there Tbol TestE and TestC as well as their TrenE...

All of it was top notch and couldn't ask for a consistent product.

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A few months ago I ran Kalpa Test E, Deca, Dbol and also kalpa AIs. All the products were top notch and I got bigger then I have ever been. My only complaint was the pip from the test e, i would swell up and the soreness would last for days but the results were worth the pain and the first 2 bottles didnt cause any pip so maybe it was that one bottle. All the products i have used by them have worked great, I will use this lab again for sure.

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Hey bud, this issue with Test E has been fixed! So now you can use it without any worries.

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First time running Kalpa Tren A. Getting some fairly bad PIP, but the product was good to go and have been seeing steady gains.

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Running test c for about 6 months just started cycling tren trio and already seeing results, couldn't ask for better products!

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Kalpa the best! Smile

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I use this products from Kalpa: Stanozolol, Turinabol, Dianabol, Clenbuterol, Viagra , Cialis and Sustanon. Orals are really good, Tbol works very well for me, looks very hard and strengh! Maybe the best Tbl that i try. Stano is a solid product too. And dianabol rocks! Clen is for me no so good, maybe underdosage, but still works well. Viagara and Cialis are very good products, what i expect!! And Sustaxyl 350 is the best test that I´ve ever tried , without pip!! Soon i will try Boldenone and Anavar form Kalpa. I´m very happy with this lab, for me one of the best of today, really great results!!!

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I have used Kalpas Test-E which was good to go. I trust their gear.

However I can't say the same about their ancillaries. I have had success with their aromasin and adex before, but here recently I had high estrogen where I relied on their letro.

Dosed letro 2.5mgED for a week, got bloods, and saw that my estrogen continued to rise over 100 more points. I even skipped 2 pin'n days of my test-e to lower the amount of aromatise.

Their gear is good, but their ancillaries seem to be inconsistent. It sucks having gyno bro.

My letro is verified as a kalpa product too. ISN number is LT84-S4Q1-GLRG

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Been using Kalpa's Test Cyp for TRT. Product is great. PIP is almost zero. Just got lab work back today, and my numbers are up where I want them. No complaints.

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Been using kalpa test e and adex. The original vials I got from my source had lot number 110601 and gave me bad pip apparently due to high BA content but I could feel it working. To correct the pip issue my source sent me out a replacement batch of these brand new vials that causes zero pip but it feels underdosed. My libido started fading, lifts suffered, no acne no oily skin and just generally felt like I was cycling off naturally. I decided to do some experimenting and pinned the original vials that gave me pip and pip was still there but suddenly my libido was back, strength started going up again, felt like I was "on" again, etc. This leads me to believe the brand new vials are underdosed or bunk or something. Getting blood work done soon after switching back to new vials so I can see what's going on. Anybody else experience this? Their adex seems to work fine. Knocks itchy nips right out. I only take it when I feel my nipples are getting itchy so maybe 1mg a week.

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I ran the Testoxyl Cypionate 250. Really great product. I ran it for 13 weeks at 500mg/week. I gained about 25 lbs, after pct then cutting on clen, I kept 15 lbs. Kalpa is the only gear I will beusing now.

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I ran Kalpa's Test E 250 @ 500mg/week for about 10 months along with some Kalpa 10mg Dbols @ 50mg/Day a couple years back, Oils were crystal clear with zero PIP. This is definitely high quality stuff, as well as the orals were spot on too.

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Used Kalpa's Test Prop 100 @ 1000mg/week for about 4 months. Also used kalpa's clen alongside with it. Results were beautiful. Strength Went UP, Libido went UP, Size went UP, oils were smooth and clear, and the pip was minimal.

Cant recommend this lab enough!

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I am on week 7 of a Test E 250 cycle. I am brand new to gear so i started with a once a week injection of 1.5 cc's. Every shot gives extreme bad PIP. Initial injection is fine, but by end of day it is very painful. I assumed the first vile may have had too much BA like I read on some forums. So i waited till my second vile from a completely different batch. No different results. If i do my gluts, i need to be real gentle when sitting down. My quads and i have a real hard time walking. I rotate my gluts from my quads and all 4 points hurt just as bad as the very first injection. By day 5 most of the pain is gone. by day 6 all pain is gone.

As far as gains. I have had great gains in muscle mass and weight. Zero change to my libido and mood. I am starting to get some really bad pimples on chest that is a bear to pop :-/

I still think the product is great, but i am the defective one!

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Good quality gear!!

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I ran their Dianabol last year, it's use top gear.. 40 mg ED for 6 weeks.