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My favourite lab at the moment, zero pip, well dosed.

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Being supreme customer before, guys sent me some freebies of Intex Pharma a while ago now. Would like to share my experience. I got Test Prop and Tren ace. Both were very smooth to use with no PIP at all.
As I was expecting, the results were seen in the mirror pretty quick. Even though it’s UGL, it makes an impression of Pharmacy Grade substance, very high quality. Think Intex Pharma doing a great job and this will be the next top Lab in the nearest future.

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So far I've used a handfull of products from Intex pharma. I've used their Test Prop, Test E, Nolvadex, Tren Ace and WinVar 50mg tabs.

The Test prop is as bang on as prop can get of which I've tried pretty much every lab going! Pins great, no pain, but most importantly feels dosed correctly. The Tren ace is a Very good version – It's not harsh as hell that leaves you feeling too tired and beat up to train, and not at the other end of the scale that feels like a mild beginners version. It's very tolerable in terms of how you feel mentally on it, the muscle and strength gains are right up with the best also. I have a very good appetite on it also which is extremely important to me as mine can be quite sensitive at times.

The WinVar is a great little product which is 25mg Winny & 25mg Anavar, the anavar offsets the lethargy from the winny and the winny is bloody brilliant for quick recovery and strength/power build up. I use a little NPP also which takes away the joint dryness of it. The combination of the 2 in a tiny tab works really well, it does feel stronger than 50mg. I've never had any stomach issues or pain with their oral line either which is rare as its normally a 50/50 possibility with me.

The Nolvadex works as well as any Pharma grade does although I mainly bought it for when the PCT time eventually arrives lol. The Test E as many others have stated is a solid product, I like to run 250 to 500mg of it as a steady base behind the test prop to avoid the heavy dips which can sometimes occur on test & tren.

All in all they are very good solid new lab in my eyes, I really hope they are here to stay as they have come to be one of my favourite labs for many an item.

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Was using the test e for trt 125mg a week..... Was fine on that but switched to cyp 200mg as I felt 125mg was just that little bit to much.

Both oils were clear /smooth to pin but on the cyp at 100mg I have no need for aromasin or proviron as this was one of my reasons for lowering my dose to give my body a break from all orals.

Actually have the winny/var 50's for a rainy day so looking forward to them now press lol

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Looking on here can se all possible for intexpharma I ordered a rip 400 and tran mix now when I verify the code on there site the tran mix was ok but the rip 400 said said it was fake I spoke to the place I ordered it from they said contact I did was told be them the code was wrong on there system witch I thought was odd asked for them to swap but had no corespondents with them in a wile now as anyone else had any issues with there verify product codes I wonder

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Hi Daley
I've got some Var from IntexPharma, from an authorised distributor. My code does say its fake too, so I've contacted IntexPharma directly, no response as of yet.

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They will tell you there code was wrong on system witch is an absolute joke 50 50
Wether or not to try it any way it’s got to be shit tho as they would of tried to sort it out and done everything in there power to sort it

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Update so far, my Oxandrolene, taking 50mg per day, results are positive, strength gains increasing every week.
It's definitley working well, fingers crossed it is oxandrolene!

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Same mate one test e 300 codes don't match, orders 4 vials and two are clear as normal the other two are slightly yellow same Colour same batch numbers and expiry. Could be nothing but hope there not going down hill pin and try is the only way lol

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Communication & Ordering process
Ordered through an authorised distributor.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Distributor delivered discretly.

Items ordered
Test E 300
Anavar 50mg

Product effectivenes and experience
Experiencing strength gains on 50mg var per day and 300mg test e per week.
One thing I've got to comment on is the pip is an absolute b1tch. It lingers around for about 3-4 days (maybe this is normal i'm not sure - i've always used pharma grade test e in the past so perhaps it's due to the fact I have no baseline for comparison).

Additional commentary
Issues with verification codes (do not match the website and reported the anavar as fake however the anavar was good to go, saw strength gains on extreme fasting). The Test E 300 verification code was confirmed as authentic on the website, so mix and match experience.

Packaging is sound and looks "professional" as far as UGLs are concerned. I hope they find a way to reduce pip (unless I'm mistaken).

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I´ve been for quite some time running compounds from INTEXPHARMA, on several blasts and i find them quite good. I've used their Test E 300mg, Dbol 10mg tabs and Anavar 50mg tabs.

The Test E was my main use and it always was on the point! No PIP, no weird reactions in post injection, stay gains and actually checked my blood levels up to 6 weeks after my last pin and test blood levels would be still great. The Tren ace was also absolutely effective, though i found Tren E absolutely worth being used: effective, no sides, apparently well dosed.

D-bol was effective but i can´t be sure if in the beginning i rather acted as Var: i was having tons of phyisical work and rather than bloathing as one would expect from Dbol i became quite lean and dry. But hey, gardening fulltime in summer can also do that with the most wet compounds.
Anavar was just great for quick recovery and strength build-up even tho i must have been on a caloric deficit due Work+hard training.

Overall great score from me!