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Axio Reviews

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  • Theresultsarein
  • 5 years ago

Yea Axio is long gone. I remember them back in 2006/07. Gear was legit but its over now for them.

  • FATBOYS's picture
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I liked them too. Same time frame.

  • puffetto1982's picture
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  • puffetto1982
  • 6 years ago

news 2014 from axiolabs???

  • tripiatik's picture
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  • tripiatik
  • 7 years ago

I have been doing business with Axio for several years and most of the products were good to go, when there were any issues with quality we always got them solved BUT unfortunately after last year's bust things changed big time. I submitted a 100+ 10ml vial order which took me more then 6 months to get only half of it. The last package happened to get seized by local customs and when I contacted them about this matter they never replied back. Several e-mails were sent with out reply . I am very sorry that they betrayed be after all this years on the go. Will never do business with these guys again, shame on them!

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  • The Judge
  • 7 years ago

I have used Axio Sustaplex 325, Dbol, Winny, and am currently using their EQ. last summer I went up to 247 lbs while loosing fat in 12 weeks on the Sust, and Dbol. the Winny made my veins pop out of my skin. I am very happy so far "3 week" running the EQ 200 twice a week, with other labs Test P 100 eod, and 250 Norma Test E, every 4 days. Added 10 pounds.

I wish Someone was still selling this stuff.