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I have used alpha pharma in the past. Run a test enth cycle at 750mg/week. Best lab I've used to date, packaged very professionally and going by my gains made (and slight gyno, damn) I'd say dosed accurately too. Would definitely use again.

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I used this for my 1st cycle i have no complaints except for a hint of gyno which has now cleared after PCT i gained a nice 21lbs whilst on it

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Hi, this is my review for alphabol, their version of the mighty dbol.
Didnt get em from Eroids so no source to big up.
Well the dbols were very good quality and thats why i got some more, i also got some oxy50s by AP cos the dbol was so good, the oxys would be killa!!
They come with an authenticity strip you can check online to see if G2G or not.
Prob wont even check this time, can see their good already.
Their in a pic on my profile.
Highly recommend.

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I have used TestoRapid (test prop), Parabolin and Rexogin (winstrol) from them. Really good quality products, I made some good lean gains and went up a lot in strenght. However there are a lot of fakes out there, so be carefull where you buy from.

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one of the best gear i have used, both in oils and in orals. every product i have tried i was happy with. i recommend them.

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Where can I find images of these products? I came across an Alpha Pharma in the past, but prior to receiving it I had never heard of em. Still not sure if it was any good as I was taking other stuff at the time.

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Their Testobolin is working like a charm.
Smooth Oil no pip - thats a quality perfect!

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Love this stuff.

Received my induject-250 last week. Run it at the start of the year with great results.

Couple of amps in and already starting to work. Great selection of products from my source aswell.

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can some 1 tell me if there is a way to spot the difference between alpha pharma asia and alpha pharma does it say on the amp the location it was made? on the box as well?

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does alpha pharma india tests come in boxes or 10 and alpha pharma asia come in boxes of five

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i bought the ampules it came in a box with authenticity info. I bought the sus, cyp, and deca. if you buy the amps the boxes are for only 10 amps. if you buy say 15 amps you'll get a box sealed and 5 amps but not in box.

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Just got 20ml alpha testrapid 20 amps alpha parabolon 40amps sus 40amps test e and a box alpha Nolva ...all my codes checked out so I guess they are legit tried to type the codes a second time but didn't go threw which is a good anti counterfeit also on the alpha tabs they have a coin reactive thing where you rub a coin over and it shows the alpha logo which is quite smart..mine say alpha Mumbai India.....first time using a real tren and 1st time using tren hex....guys at the gym say they alpha tren hex is insane..........anyone had any good results with the alphas.".....

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By far my favorite brand to use hands down. There testobolin, eq, stanozol,&nova have tried and loved them all good stuff.

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sorry wrong lab

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This is the best company hands down, They are fast with email get backs the a reasonably price I will not be going anywhere else that's for sure

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tren ace is complete fire, strongest tren ive tried in a long time!!

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Recieved my order with in 10 days, great packaging and no damage. Tracking number received with in 2 days of money transfer. Received Test Cyp, Equipoise, Test Prop, Proviron, Arimidex, Dianobol. All product was worked very well. I will place another order next week.

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friend from whom you buy??

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running there prop at the moment, really like it, nice and smooth to pin absolutely no PIP to speak of. Gains are coming on nicely, libido is up like you would expect and I have to be careful when I go for a swim lol if you catch my drift !!

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I used Induject and nandrorapid . these products are very legit. I have nothing to say than good things. u get what u pay for.

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totally agree!!

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Parabolin from alpha is awesome. Love the tren hex. Also alphabolin and boldebolin were good.

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I tried Rexogin , great product !!
I have to admit , i will use again ;)

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I've ran alpha testo / deca and it's really great stuff. It works very good and its comfortable to inject.

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Running some Winstrol 50mg tabs form Alpha Pharma OMG did 100 mgs a day for 2 weeks and I had to cut it down to 50 mgs day as it was too strong. These tabs are kick ass. I know that changes from batch to batch but these are the bomb !! My wife is on 25 mgs a day , horny as hell and she is cutting up nicely. More please !! LOL