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Yohimbine, clen and helios


Hello ma guys,
Quick question, I wanna boost my fat burning process for the summer and I was thinking about giving this one a try,.
Just kinda curious, how do you inject this one, like HGH or just like a normal shot? Any feedback on this as well will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance !!!!!

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Follow up ; Ultima Helios is potent and as expected extremely effective ! I was hesitant and started with .7 cc 2x now on cardio days !

Definitely a stimulant with the Yohimbe ; expect to be warm and sweaty !
The product shoots perfectly Sub-q with a slin Pin !

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Super harsh on the heart.

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I've been sitting on some vials, was going to use in my love handles that seem to be impossible to target. But due to a normal high BP I've been avoiding it.

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This is some potent stuff and I wouldn't personally use it. Potential to make BP skyrocket due to Yohimbine combined with clen. Would be very careful and wouldn't use if BP isn't good. Also no point using if diet is 110%.

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What is important is that you divide the daily dose into several injections in order to cover as much of the persistent area as possible.

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Sub q like growth. Diet and calorie deficit will be most important factors for weight loss though this would be something to help if you have body fat right Down and need bit help with last few percent

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but it is oily, it can be done subq ?

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I don’t know if it’s suspended in oil or water but doesn’t matter it’s 100% designed to be jabbed sub q mate

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I dont know if that's oil or water based. But you can absolutely do oil subq. In my experience you want to keep the dose on the smaller side to avoid getting lumps under the skin.

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They are oil based the ones I tried. Water base I would pass on that to me that shit would be painful

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Curious as well

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Any feedback on Ultima Helios !? Looking to start 2 bottles myself !

I too ; have never
Shot an oil base as sub q . Can a user get away with drawing the oil base with a slin pin !? Or no chance at all ?