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+ 31 Week 13 progress


Week 13 of the cut is in the books. Not bad for 52 years old. 185lbs and down to 6.88% BF according to the caliper test. The calipers start getting wonky once you start getting really low, but I think they are close. Real sensitive to carbs. Usually under 50g/d but when I would hit 100g/d my morning weight would jump 2+ lbs. These pics are first thing in morning so somewhat flat yet but I can tell the vascularity has improved and it looks like I have dropped some water from last month's pics. Might be due to the addition of the mast. Still no cardio Lol Used up the last of my infrajet Igf. Just took 500mcg post workout to finish it off. Really happy with it.

I am done with cutting now. No point in going any lower and sacrificing muscle since I am not doing a comp right now. With the superlow bodyfat my body is primed to put on some quality mass, kind of like a post-show rebound, so I am going to finish off this cycle jumping into a bulk to see how much quality mass I can put on over the next month. Instead of 750-1000 cals under TDEE I will be jumping straight into 1000 cals over TDEE. Not often you get a chance like this to put on slabs of quality mass during a rebound. Should be a good ride.

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Thanks for being and inspiration to us all brother well done.

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Looking great, Makwa! Major noticeable improvements in a short amount of time. Your experience really shows

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Give mak the guru tag or a new legend tag this men straight fire !+

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Hell yeah. Looking amazing as usual!

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Dude you are a monster good work brother!!!

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Looking good big dog

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hats down mate. Looks like you've refused to age!

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I wish my joints thought the same way. Lol

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how about to put therapeutic dose (50-70mg of Deca) into your daily regime? I heard it could be run year long with TRT dose of testosterone with no sides. I plan to try this by myself... Most likely something like 175mg of test 175mg Masterone E and 50-75mg of Deca... Might throw 25mg of Proviron into this, if my SBGH gets off control...

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Deca/NPP doesn't do anything for my joints. Can't overcome arthritis.

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OH I see.... Keep your chin up then mate. You're still doing great job, even when the stars are not aligned!

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Looking amazing MAK!

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BEAST MODE!!! nice job man looking swole!!!

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Lookin great brother

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Looking solid Mak!!!!

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Are you going to switch compounds during growth phase? To what? From what?

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I’m thinking about reducing primo a bit and bumping up the dhb

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Never tried primo. Some say it's not worth it for the price. I don't mind paying the price but every time I cycle I just always think other compounds are the smarter choice. I don't like taking more than two things at a time. So it's usually test and mast, test and EQ, or test and var. But....I've really really been considering primo. Thoughts on it?

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Everybody should at least run 1 primo cycle to experience it. It is real easy on you especially if you keep the test lower. Won't need an AI then. There is alot of good high dosed primo floating around now for pretty cheap prices. Cost really isn't an issue anymore with primo. The days of only being able to get amps for $15 apiece are over with. Yeah that was expensive but not anymore. I put this together awhile ago.

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Yea I feel you on the price thing with primo and only taking 2 compounds at a time. Like you I would consider primo myself

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The REAL Legend,man!

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I appreciate that. Thank you.

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I'm telling you...I keep telling everyone....40 is like the new 20 physique wise. Today's modern training and nutrition is good shit+1

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I can only imagine what I would I would look like now if I knew back then what I know now

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If I didn't know...Just looking at your physique pictures I would bet money that was on a 30 year old person. I don't see where you could get much better to be honest. But YOU do. And that's the thing that drives us all to keep pushing harder, eating better, and constantly improving our training. If you ever get to a point where you are completely satisfied with how you look. You hit complacency. Along comes boredom. And then the dreaded laziness. I know for sure I will never be satisfied.

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If we don't have a goal, we get lost then.

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And if we don't constantly change our goal after we reach one we become complacent.

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This is true. However your kind of species doesn't know

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I DO age. But not the way you humans do. My species is closely related to the light that emulates from the moon. So when the moon is full I turn into a giant wolf and eat ... I don't. That's a werewolf... But I do age differently. My dick grows an inch every year on my birthday. So my species can be identified in age by the length of our weiners. The "Elder" master klinkonom has servants that carry his Weiner behind him on a giant golden stretcher. It's considered an honor to carry his cock.

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Lol...Klinkonom. I could of sworn you guys were asexual. We still have much to learn.

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Damn son, I just hit 40 and that gives me hope for my 50’s! Shredded bro!

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Lol the LEGEND! looking good for 52. Hopefully I can look that way in some years from now. Time flys man! So these pics look improved from those last pics you posted. Very vascular. You may only be 185 but damn you're a good vascular 185. Makes you look 190-200.

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The main thing I noticed in these pics vs those from a month ago is that I look a lot drier. I think the mast kicked in and dumped some water which enhanced the vascularity. I look bigger at 185 than I do at 220 with 14% BF. Crazy how stripping the fat away just makes you look bigger but weigh alot less. I can put my hand behind my head now too Lol

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Yeah I agree with you. Yes stripping fat will cause an illusion of being bigger depending on your body type. I've noticed this myself. Big difference in weight on paper at 225 but this 185 for you looks better on pic. I think the older we get there's no need for the mass monster stuff lol. Again looking good

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I am much more comfortable and mobile at 185 than I am at 220. Bending over and putting my shoes on isn’t the hardest part of my whole workout now Lol

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Totally understand

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You look great for any age man, good stuff. I know you are going to take some time off to cruise for a little while, But looks like we are going to be doing a big bulk at the same time. Can't wait to see how well your body puts on mass. Have you ordered bloods yet?

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No bloodwork yet. Once cycle is done and back down to cruise dose for a while I will get everything checked out to make sure I am good to start my blast. Lipids will likely be whacked due to the var but I am taking a ton of omegas and cycle support to hopefully keep things somewhat in check.

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Amazing job brother. You definitely walk the walk. Thnx for all of your information and much needed wisdom. Enjoy your bulk.

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Look incredible brother

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Looking great bro +1

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Shaved, tanned& vascular af!!
Ur a savage

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Solid work man impressive +

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Wow lookin shredded brother!!! Great work!!

What was your cutting cycle?

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Looking crazy!

How many more weeks do you have left on this cycle? Man I can only imagine how primed your metabolism is for a growth rebound! Going to be some insane pumps!

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I am switching over to the growth phase now. Been cutting long enough and body is super primed for a rebound so now it is time to grow over the next month or so.

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You're looking great. Awesome work.

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