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Ok this is my FIRST CYCLE and yes NO TEST... var and tbol at 40 mg each a day im currently in my 3rd week and 2 days.
I found the site through Tradekey and they advertise on youtube.
I tried to do some research on how there product was and if they were legit.
and found 2 reviews through google one site like eroids.com say they are legit and g2g
and i found another guy asking about AHJFYY Clen on a steroid forum and 1 guy said he had to double the dose or something similar to get the " Hand shakes " side effect and another said they were EXTREMELY UNDERDOSED.

I have not felt anything like what people say about var and tbol. i have been lifting a little more weight but that could be me just gaining strength naturally.
My girlfriend says that i have gone bigger.. but again that could be me getting bigger naturally so i really dont know if they are bunk or legit...
if anyone else has any experience with this site/pharma please PM me.


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  • Mr.niceguy
  • 9 years ago

So how did these work out for you? I got his anadrol it's in those yellow n blue capsules, in the capsules are small white balls. I've been on them for 3 days at two capsules a day and feel nothing, that doesn't seem very common for legit anadrol, does anyone know how underdosed his gear/ or drol in particular is? Plz let me know

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  • 9 years ago

Sorry for the REALLY late reply lol... didint know you guys commented i wish there was msg or a pm that would let me know
I just found out that 50labs.com are selling these to for a MUCH higher price like 3-4x more..
Now im curious if they are real or not.
I took them 30mg to 60mg each a day and stopped at 4 weeks cauz i didnt feel a thing.

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  • HllwdBdBoy
  • 9 years ago

hey bro, I passed through tradekey on my journey to eroids, too. I cross referenced domains, phone #'s and addresses and found many of those guys a bit sketchy. Like Eric says, go to the Doc and get yourself checked... And no worries brother, you found the REAL spot!

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  • 9 years ago

I've never dealt with that company, but I'm always sketched out when capsules are given instead of tabs! You should go to your Dr & tell him/her that you're taking anabolics and say you want a testosterone test done. They'll do some blood work and call you with results. If your test levels are through the roof, then your shit's g2g. On the other hand, if your test levels are "normal" then you got ripped off.

Just a suggestion, but stacking orals isn't really a good idea due to the damage it does to your liver. Make sure you're taking milk thistle and drinking a LOT of water every day. Hope this helps. :)