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Tren A, Test prop and some Mast P

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Are those gains from a regular gym or cross fit?

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Is this supposed to be a dig at me or something?

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Cross fit in my town is 125 a month and a regular gym is 40 a month. I am trying to decide what will give the best gains.

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I'm at a regular gym and stick to the basics. I'm no where near the size of a lot of the other members but I follow simple routines. Compound lifts with some accessory lifts , proper form and diet which is key. My routine is PPL and usually do 5 sets of 8-10 reps with slow and controlled movements. I never lift super heavy, mainly go for solid form and reps. Find what works for you.

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Peeled +1

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Might be showing a bit more of your face than you want.

Looking good brother

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Shouldn't face be scratched out? Nice pump tho