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+ 9 The magic box


My nifty box I built at work for my stash

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Badass dude! Just getting into welding as a hobby myself and loving it- would love to pick your brain on a couple things if you do it professionally!

p.s. those black bags on the right there are my lifetime favorite src wise and quality wise --.

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Good work bud, i like it.

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Nice work Man, looks like stainless steel did you use TIG? I done a bit of welding in my younger days remember stainless being one of the harder metals to weld.

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Aluminum. Inside is mig outside is tig except for the hinges that's pulse drag on mig aluminum is tricky to because it will melt on you fast so you gotta know your settings to get a good weld.

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Pretty cool! Reminds me of High school Metal Shop. These poor kids these days don’t know what they’re missing

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Right, I love welding

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I was getting dahmer vibes from you then half expecting a fella to fall out with drill holes in his bonnet full of superdrol lol

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I'm laughing my ass off over here

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I just got a safe..Nice job I can't even build lego...

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I weld hardtop on boats for a living. One of the top fishing boat manufacturers that provide across the US Canada and Alaska, I build all the tops for them. I threw this box together in like 10 minutes, it locks and everything

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Nice work buddy.

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