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+ 13 Test var clen mini cut cycle


Was trying to cut as much as i can before lean bulk.
Test e 250 e7d
Var 50mg ed
Clen 120 mcg ed
84 kg (185lb)
Next goal bulk to 210lb

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Solid +++

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Cut up + bro

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Shredded dude+

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Solid +1

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Looking good! +1 keep it up

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Nice! How tall are you at 185?? I’m around 200 right now and 5’9. I’m thinking I would probably look close to this at a lean 185. I’ve currently just been running test/var however I have a shipment on the way of a cut stack 320 as well as extra tren A and test. The var gives me crazy pumps almost to the point where I can’t even get through all of my sets..

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Thank you.
Im 183cm tall.
I do have crazy pumps and vascolarity but not to the point it hurt like you describe.

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Why split 250mg of test e? I’ve been seeing this more and more people splitting enanthate low doses and I’m just curious why?

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That’s odd given the half-life of the compound.To each their own I guess. I’m guessing it’s a mental thing. I would be interested in someone’s bloodwork on 2 times a week injections to see if it it’s just a placebo effect or actually works.

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Less peaks and valleys, very stable release to your bloodstream, ie less amortizing and swings. Some people are alot more prone to this than others. Especially people with lower shbgs and higher metabolisms.

It's not mental, it's real for sure. Trt doctors use this protocol to keep from using ais. Works for me for sure.

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Did your trt doctor start you out e7d then biased off the bloodwork change you to twice a week?

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My dr started me out every 5 days, then we moved to every 3.5 days, and finally at eod. This was over a 6 to 8 month period, between blood work and office visits.

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Eod with cyp? Wow, couldn’t imagine the eventual scar tissue build up over years of pinning like that.

How many injection sites does he recommend with that?

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Atleast 42! Lol

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You’ll be pinning the webs of your toes by the time you’re 60 lol.

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Inject with a 27 gauge and it’s 0 fuss.

Eod compared to twice a week cuts my ai usage in half as well as gets rid of any sides.

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Bingo bingo

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i envy sculpture status, what was the diet looking like? currently cutting as of now and have been trying to somewhat emulate that look

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Diet its a little crazy but it work for me.
6 days on 250 protein approx 60-70 carbs (must of them pre workout) and 40 fats.
About 1600-1700 calories per day.
No cardio at all.
And on the 7 day i triple the carbs and then start all over again.

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ah so you have a refeed day, im doing 1900cal but with 30min everyday maybe i should implement a refeed day too

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Solid man good job.

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