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  • yanksfan   •   Fri, Oct 14th, '11 23:17   •   4 replies, 875 views

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Picked this up to add to my stuff from a good man, late getting it up but seeing that i need 10 points to PM i have to get moving. Help a bro out!!!!


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  • 9 years ago

Earn points by helping people out and giving good advise, not by begging for them. Come on bro...

Other than that stuff looks tasty

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+1 for that!

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Bro was not begging for anything! Don’t like being effected by assholes that don’t follow or know how to read rules in simple English!! Particular when I have since day one, it very much pisses me off!! And yes it does look nice and beautiful cannot wait to give a go, hitting his Test P first. All the best

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i know bro stupid people ruin it for every one