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Steroidify.com AOD9604


Promo order landed for Steroidify.com. Ultima AOD9604 six vials. Has anyone run this before? I’m curious what dosing protocol you used.

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Enjoy dude

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Interesting, Not aware of anybody using it though

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Are you using this in conjunction with GH? From my understanding AOD9604 is a even more spliced version of Frag 176-191 which is essentially a spliced version of GH separating and preserving the lipolytic properties only. So its a fragment of a fragment but still just an analogue of GH, when you are running GH?

does seem to be very tolerable though, with none of the side effects of GH but also none of the muscles budling properties as those mechanisms are the same

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So this AOD9604 is a much more powerful fat loss peptide?

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in theory yes, but read my comment below, has lots of limitations, mostly how much you need to use . A whole vial per day IV or taken orally for 12 weeks.

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I’m not sure if i will run it with Gh. I am currently on gh so not sure if I’ll stop to run this or just stack it with my gh. What do you think the best way to run it is ? Have you ran this before?

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I would go by the dosages used in the studies, the one I linked is a meta study meaning it reviews all past literature

"The group receiving the 1mg dose lost the most weight, averaging a weight loss over the 12 weeks of 2.8 kilograms" - this study was oral

"The administered doses of the study product ranged from 25 µg up to 400 µg per kg bodyweight for the injectable product" - this was IV, µg is the same as mcg so at the lowest dose it was 25mcgs/kg which for a 200lb male would be 25mcg per 91kg which is over 2.25mg, closer to the oral dose and almost a whole vial at once

so there really is not any established guidelines for this drug Sub-Q, how most would use it, I would use 300-500mcgs per day without GH in a calorie deficit to see some good weight loss but I imagine you would get the best results around 1mg subq

I have used Frag 176, its parent, with clients but not AOD