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Here's some Nomad Labs HGH I got in today. I'll be running my serum test on these tomorrow and I'll post back the results when I get them. These came direct from the labs not from any middleman. The box was sealed with a label that contained verification numbers that obviously came back legit, since I purchased it direct from them I was pretty sure the numbers would check out - At least you would hope so- lol. Took exactly 1 week from the day I ordered to my doorstep so I was pretty psyched about that. Here's hoping the labs come back sky high!!! I just want to note that I didn't order these thru but the system wouldn't allow me to post unless I put in a source it recognized so I just threw that name in there. Like I said they came direct from Nomad Labs.

Here's also some Neotropin Labs HGH which is made in Hong Kong and distributed in Russia and the Ukraine. I bought these from a Russian online site and they also only took 1 week to my door. I'll be testing these next week and posting up the results. They also had a security seal with numbers which can be verified on the official Neotropin website. I have no doubt that these will come back legit since they are sold in Russia where it's legal to purchase GH over the counter. The website that offers this brand also delivers door to door in Russia with COD so I can't see how they would be staying in business if they were selling fake GH. Just for peace of mind and to let everyone else know how they test I'll be running some labs on these next week and I'll post up the results. Here's hoping it was money well spent. Gonna be a great Spring and Summer....Let the pinning begin!!!

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Wow....those look promising. Tops of the Neotropin Labs looks like Rips. Post the labs bro.

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Yeah man they kinda do look like the Rips don't they...I'm pretty confident they'll test out alright but all the same I wanna see the labs just for comparison. I'll post up when I get the results

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let us in on the know buddy!

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What's the Russian online source?

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The name of the website is can check them out and like I said they came thru no problem. They offer the Hyges..Ansomone (The real ones) and Neotropin for GH. This site is one of 2 that Neotropin says are authorized re-sellers so I went with them. 7 days from payment to my door from Russia you can't beat that!!

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Lol Nice name.

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No shit huh?? LMFAO.....The name says it all but hey they were on spot with the service....we'll see about the quality when I get the labs back