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  • DeQuan JaBooty   •   Wed, Aug 10th, '16 23:57   •   4 replies, 272 views

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6 Test suspension
Few vials of Deca
Epherine to test out

I've ordered the same Gen-Shi Cialis in the past, works great.

I've had oil based TNE (test no ester) in the past and loved it. OS has great deals on water based test suspension so decided to try. I was looking at the vials and thinking it was gonna sting, looks like salt in water, but shot some this morning and super smooth. Had a spectacular workout on the suspension.

Im 48 going on 25 so gotta keep the joints healthy with the Deca. These brands are new to me so excited to give em a go.

Will review all products when I've ran then all.


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  • DeQuan JaBooty
  • 2 years ago

Ok guys, been a while. Quick update on the Test suspension. The first pin seemed smooth, it could have been I was excited because I love no ester test or some other reason but the subsequent shots hurt like hell. This is common if you just draw it and pin I've read.

The test suspension is a great pre-workout and phenomenal for pre-sex. (I'm in late forties but can go time and time again for many hours on this and a bit of caber)
That said, you want to heat the suspension when in syringe with a hair dryer first or add just a drop of something oil based after the suspension so it clears the chunks of test at tip of syringe and starts smoothly.

For you older guys or guys with libido issues I can't stress enough how good this is for the bedroom.
(I know some may see that as abuse )

Unlike PT-141 and other libido enhancers that take days to dial in, pin 50-100 mg of this suspension and you will be ready to tear it up everytime within 40 mins to a hour. I had sexy time with new GF for 5 hours last Sat and I'm pushing 50. Best sexual enhancement I've ever encountered and I've tried everything under the sun.

This stuff is about $20.00 per vial if I can recall, so it's also a much better value that most other sexual enhancers and you don't need to mess around finding the right dose

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  • Osgear
  • 2 years ago

Also if you leave your review after use I appreciate sir.

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I'm suppose to say that....

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Yes sir will do. I've got 2 or 3 reviews for you I need to get to for OS. All positive.

Something at eroids won't allow some mobile users to submit. I've moved and once I unpack pc I will submit.

Thanks again