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ROIDBAZAAR.CO: Promo Pack Landed!


5x - DP CYP 250
1x - DP TREN E 200

Arrived discretely and packaged very well. Covid has the postal system acting all wonky. So don’t stress too much about tracking info updates or lag times.

Glad to be able to participate in this promo. I’ve stopped all subQ trials and am back on IM. Can’t wait to try out DP’s Tren. Currently on another sources at 300mg/wk.

Thanks again guys!!!

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Good stuff right there!

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you couldn't be more right! I fucking love Dragon Pharma!

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How do you feel sub q is compared to Im in your experience?

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Honestly it's tough to say bro... I legitimately hate sticking 1" needles into my body and don't mind sub-q one bit. The problem is the irritation. I thought I developed a system where i could keep doses or brands to a certain volume and avoid any welts.... but through time my body started reacting more and more aggressively with the redness and swelling increasing over time after every injection... I decided to hang up the hat on the experiment after about 2 years of trials ... it was a long run... At first I surprisingly got along great with a particular brand's Test Prop and Tren Ace... But after a while I just couldn't deal with risking a unsightly welt appearing on a day at the beach or on a boat....Ruins the look. .

I'm back to IM and I'm staying. Maybe if I get leaner I'll do IM via a slin type pin injection but for now its Glutes/Delts/etc IM.