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+ 1 RoidBazaar Pack lands in 8 days from ordering


Sustaplex 275

Fastest shipping I’ve seen yet. Hoping the product is as good as their service. Bravo, RoidBazaar!!!

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XT is good stuff!!!

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8 days isn’t anything special but I’m glad you got your order. RB is major slacking internationally Right now. Don’t think I’ll ever place an order again at this rate.

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For me, eight days is incredible. Just about every source I’ve used takes approximately 21 days. One other time a source came through in nine days. I have four orders in transit right now which are all over 21 days. I’ve actually learned to plan ahead and never order during Chinese New Year.

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Domestic shipping should be 7 days or less. I was thinking XT is domestic. Could be wrong

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I think they are both, but it depends what you are ordering