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If your into peptides, they have an impressive selection for sure. And worth a look. Tracking took about a week or so, then followed it all the way home (they responded when I got worried).
Came super sealed, tripled up in fact. I've heard more movement in bag of cotton balls. My first try with the DSIP.

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PT is great , I have a forum that goes over its use a little, check my profile

What are you expecting from the Deep Sleep inducing Peptide?

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The PT is a fun addition, not so much needed as it was an alternative experiment.
The DSIP I’m hoping for better quality sleep, not so much quantity, and a REM reset, since my work schedule really disrupts any realistic set circadian rhythm for me. We shall see. Starting at 200 mcg.

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That is a good dose, anecdotally I have heard combining it with GH increases the REM increase dramatically,


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