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RB hookin it up with the promo gear!


Got in on my first promo with RB actually. Stocked up on some HCG not pictured as well.
Little Tren E and some of that "sust" I've been wanting to try! I like the ester blend in this DP gear. The 270mg/ml has a better blend in my opinion so I grabbed up a handful of those.
Thanks for the add RB, always a pleasure buying through you! I'll have a review up after I use more of these! I've started the sust and some hcg and am enjoying both so far. Hcg is pharm and it's effects are just beginning to show a bit. The sust has an acetate portion so after the third pin I was able to notice a lil sumthin sumthin brewing..

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Nice promo pack Tbone +1

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RB is a good dude.
DP products have been one of the best out for a while now.

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I’ve only had good experiences with RB!

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I've had that DP Tren E 200 before from RB and it's excellent!

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Sweeeet, yeah I've just figured out that with mast included in the cycle I handle Tren alright. So I figured I'd give Tren E a shot too. Pinning less is definitely a bonus

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I'm running Tren E for the second time at 200mg a week. I'm running Mast E with it this time and it does seem to stabilize and improve mood.