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QueenzLand goodies


Amazing 48hr Delivery

1-test P
3-test E
1 tren

Ordered from: 
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Nice order!

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Thx. Smooth as silk

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Looks very nice bro

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Smooth as silk. Zero pip.
She’s not called the queen for no reason

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Haha for sure I gotta try some of her stuff soon

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Queenzland is one of my top domestic sources for sure.

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I see you got into the Tren already. Lol. Nice order brother. Enjoy

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I always add a lil tren to my TRT.
very little...3x week with test prop/eth
zero sides, great results.

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How much tren added to Trt ?

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Nice score! Hers is the first test prop that gave me no pip but great gains.

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Thx bro. Glad to be back with the queen. First shot smooth as silk.