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  • Edit Quarantine and gym opened

  • Anonymous   •   Sun, Jun 21st, '20 03:00   •   7 replies, 534 views

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Hi guys,
I hope everyone has survived this difficult situation due to the virus and everyone can go to train..normally!

I want to share with you my physical transformation.
Unfortunately this COVID came very badly ..
The food became more expensive, it was not always possible to go to the gym ... etc

Although luckily they opened a gym in the area soon enough so I had the opportunity, if not much, but I could go ...

The images in the first column, the images after opening the gym, and the current ones in the second column..

Of course there was a cycle and diet..between the two pictures .. ( Which is still going on right now ..) Test (100mg Propionate / EOD) + DHB (400MG / weeks) + HGH (4iu / day) + salbutamol And of course .. 2 * weekly solarium ...

But I am confident that now everything will be fine and I can continue to do so, I can improve ..

I hope you guys are all right.
Have a nice day
Thank you for reading..


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  • press1
  • 3 months ago
  • from me bud, nice attitude
  • anon


Thank you press,
have a nice day!

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You are in the group now bud :-)

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  • Anonymous
  • 3 months ago

Hi Twat!

Yes i’m from EU..

endurance!!! I hope gym will open in UK too.. soon!

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What's ur thoughts on dhb do u like it compared to other compounds?

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Hello Pounds!

I think this is a very useful compound.
For me, this is best used.
(Another favorite is superdrol..)
It helped to pull the blood vessels a lot !! It also brought me a lot of strength. Maybe I can compare its effect to Tren.
However, DHB did not experience any psychilogy or mental problems ...
I did not become aggressive ..

So I love it! I can only recommend.

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  • StupidTwat69
  • 3 months ago

Guessing your not in the UK lol still waiting for gyms to open here :-(