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Quantropin hGH is solid domes!


Man! First sorry for the crooked picture, actually not really be thankful I posted the pic under 2MB is hard lol!

I jumped around a few kits because when Coronavirus hit so did a lot of good hGH supplier we all know to go through. I was one of the first people to see as I call Mr. CEO pop up and saw that reviews for this specific brand of hGH...I was very happy they're a great domestic source and shipping has been fast. After falling for a fake pharma kit I was thinking of going elsewhere but these are worth every penny.

Amazing results and glad to have again a good domestic source to get stuff when I need it not worrying about time tables and chairs, ladders, you know the game...what was that growing up? Good ole days, just glad to have growth hormone to make this old man stay young lol

Order was from the first promo and another kit.

2 - Quantropin hGH 110iu kit
1 - IGF-1 5mg vial

Been running the Quan ~ 4iu's a day split 2iu upon waking up morning...and other 2iu later in the afternoon. I'll use the IGF-1 off-season.

Ordered from
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Hey - I'm new to this site. Curious where you go for prostate puss. $420 for the box of 10 vials. A poster below mentioned $273 with free shipping. Would be interested in this source. Thanks

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Yeah it's pricey through that source...but it's the same price with any Quantropin too! The price was cheaper during a promotion for members through this site. This source will needs to resubscribe so be patient and once he's back up I believe it's still 35% through the year for us members, I'm sure you'll be happy going through him, it will save you some money and he's freaking fast dude!

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Thanks IronMind. I know the ideal is to get pharma grade GH such as Omnitrope, Humatrope, Genitropin, Norditropin, etc. but I need to find an underground source to buy gear with magic beans as the wife isn't keen on the idea lol. Does Quantropin claim to be real hgh or is it a peptide such as sermorelin?? Thanks for your help!!

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How long have you been on the Quan's??

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At 400 something dollars a box ill pass and get amazons growth booster

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Got mine for 273 free shipping

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Hey - I'm new to this site. Curious where you go for prostate puss. $420 for the box of 10 vials.
You mentioned $273 with free shipping. Would be interested in your source. You happy with the results? Thanks

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Wow not impressed u sound like a rep

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Wow and u like a cheap ass

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Ur dumb

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Not necessarily a "cheap ass" but, in all honesty, there are renowned sources on here that are way (!) cheaper and provide both HPLC tests and blood work to prove their product's quality. Thus I do understand that some aren't willing to pay a massive extra just to receive their HGH vials in a neat-looking box.

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His promo brings it down to less than $300 with shipping included just as an FYI

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And thats a deal?

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The original deal this poster likely got was for 2 boxes and the extra IG1-LR3 as shown in pic.

$420 for all that if I recall.

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Crazy right? For generics no less.

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It is rip off

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Your paying for the enhanced presentation.

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Looks typical with any domestic gh right now. Sucks gotta pay double and triple in this case quadruple to get it sooner.