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+ 3 Pro Supps landed, thx for the straps x


My favourite Keifei landed this morning, thanx Pro Supps for the straps, will test them tonight xx

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You and @press1 can be twinsies with the wrist straps Lol

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Don’t forget @press1 really cool fanny pack in front. Lol

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LMAO You know what Fanny means over here right? Axe wound

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I have always been curious about buying Gh in pens and having them shipped. How are they kept in good condition and still viable without being shipped with a cold pack?

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Never really had an issue to be honest with Genos.
Always getting these from the domestic sources and always getting the next day delivery

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Magic Lol I have used alot of geno pens and never had an issue with quality or potency. They might have some kind of buffer, who really knows. If you are really worried about it, winter is a good time to stock up on GH, then you don't have to worry about them sitting in a hot mailbox all day.

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Thank you for uploading the picture Smile

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