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  • randys52   •   Thu, Nov 8th, '18 12:49   •   2 replies, 130 views

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Test sust and prop. Discrete NO issues. Looks great! Review in few weeks. Ty!


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  • basskiller89
  • 5 months ago

Sustanon is an amazing compound!!

What does your cycle length and dosages look like??

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Hey bro. Im playing with trt but have done a bunch of cycles. Im taking 125 mg of Sust a week and 2-4 ius of G Hgh daily. Been on about a week or 10 days. Looking to feel great and look good. Let my test levels drop for 5 weeks (no t) and am hoping to feel better. Bloods after 8 weeks. Im insane. Lol. Im actually thinking of running his Prop 100 every other day too. That ought to screw everything up. Lol. Sometimes miss being super libidoed and energy to get to gym