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Pharma Test E

Ordered from
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Roidzone is a stand up guy . He well make it right . You know how you make it right . Dont think every customer is a sucker and sell them to us . Love how sources knowingly sell a fake . Hoping customer doesnt spot . Like that bulldog clown on hear . Told me norma"s ink rubbed off in transit . Point is we really dont know these guys from a hole in the wall.

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Sell counterfeit products..... Gonna have to have a word with Roy... Not happy

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I do bloods few years ago same test and look Like they have some testosterone but relly underdosed or fake, i still have the 40 amps expired

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Too bad those are fake brother.

They stopped producing Bayer Testovirons in 2017 and has yet been back in the market in Thailand. In fact, 2019 they released a 1 amp box to select pharmacy around Thailand as a "replacement" for a short while awaiting future stock. As of today there is still no Testovirons at all in the country and hopefully new lots will come back next year (fingers crossed).

I can tell you those are immediately replicas right off first glance. The font "Depot" is incorrect, the lot number is wrong, the labels on the amps are shiny, the color of the dot on the amp is incorrect, the color of the green ring is too bright.

These are high quality replicas but I can GUARANTEE you they are not real authentic Bayers.

I hope all is well

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Thx man

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Looking good !