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  • guidofest   •   Fri, Nov 22nd, '19 02:43   •   5 replies, 323 views

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Nicely packaged labeling is very professional reminds me of Pharma labels. My 60yr old mother actually opened the shipment by mistake and because the boxes are so professional looking that they didn’t have a clue what it was anabolics. I told her it was “joint supplements” I will be running the bar 30-60mg for 4 weeks at the end of my Test cycle. I had a bad reaction to the last drol I used for a local guy but that was 7 years ago. I’m excited to give this brand a try! Thank you @OSgear for the gear I will post an unbiased fair review in about 4-6weeks!


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  • boldenone99
  • 9 months ago

they need to start work on presentation of products.it looks more like 1980 :D

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Oldies but Goldies bro

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like OT from Jenapharma , good old pharma gear ... :)

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we wish Jenapharma comeback we would all be female olympic athletes on turinabol

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  • zmlxnqf0904
  • 9 months ago

Hey bro, let us know how it works~