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Semaglutide for the wife and part of my no excuses order.

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What did your wife think of the Semaglutide? Was that brand effective?

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Yeah it was definitely effective she couldn’t deal with the sides some people report. It slowed down her digestion to much and became constipated and bloated all the time do we discontinued it. I’d recommend it for like people that truly need weight loss she was using it whole cutting to drop a few extra pounds and it just made things worse.

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Thanks man! Sounds like it’s legit. For future use, side effects go away after a few weeks if the dose is stable. It’s something you’d want to use for a decent duration: 3-6 months. For simple cutting, it’s helpful for getting rid of hunger pains and it makes choosing the right foods easier (since it kills cravings in general). If you get into the full scale dosing schedule, it’s more starvation dieting, great for loosing significant weight, but it’ll be fat and muscle regardless since the deficit will be well over 10%.

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Love it!!! Both of them are amazing sources! Enjoy

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Enjoy the product!

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Thank you!