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+ 3 OS BOGO Deal landed!


Hopped on their recent BOGO deal and stocked up on Winstrol and BPC from Ultima! I ordered 2 x Ultima-Stan 50 and they mistakenly sent me 2 of the 10mg Ultima Stan for free. I messaged them this morning and within 30 minutes they responded and are shipping me 2 x Ultima-Stan 50 more! They even threw in this 25mg winstrol from Nakon!

Thanks OS! If they ever make an error, they are always so quickly to correct it. 10/10 like always.

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That's a lot of winstrol plus more on the way
Make sure you pay attention to your body when running it because it can dry you out to much which in return can cause serious injury

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This is definitely not for one cycle! LOL I l just respond so well with Winstrol and love ultima's gear that when I saw the BOGO deal, it was time to stock up for the next 4 cycles!

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Good source will always make it right.

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Thank you for being our customer and for your trust! We are glad that you're enjoying our services!