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+ 10 Not too bad for the dad split.


Haven't posted in a while but like growmore was saying it's good to see the guys in your situation and how they're holding up with parenting young kids and still maintaining or gaining.

Legs are a huge weak point but I've been making progress with size slowly by dropping the weight down and bumping the reps up significantly.

Balancing a good sized growing young family while lifting and eating right is fucking difficult as shit. I don't nail my diet EVER and that's ok. I'm able to get 4 days a week in for lifting with 0 cardio at the moment.

I've hit some decent numbers for my squats and deads but now I've moved to more volume for the summer, I'm scared to test a max rep on either lmao.

We're all in different boats and I'd love more time to myself for this hobby but with the kids so young I've chosen to be a dad first, and a steroid junky second.
Still turn heads most places I go around here! Not a lot of fit guys with a troop of little monkeys hanging off them like me!

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nice form bro keep it up.


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Looking good for having a troop of monkeys! My monkeys are pretty much grown(tear). I hear you on diet, it's really hard when your kids dont finish their plates. I'm a life time member of the "clean your plate" club. Which used to involve cleaning their plates and the wife's too. No cardio is for bitches though.

+1 for being a junkie second!

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Lmao well I'd do a little cardio if I had a machine again, I used to be on the elliptical 30-60 mins a few times a week to keep er trim!

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Still keeping good shape bro. I see what happens to some of these dads and it ain’t pretty. Keep it up!

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Thanks beard I'm just trying to keep the dad bod in style..I often wonder what a good hard cut would look like.. It's tempting

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Looking swole bro, making those mad anabolic gains curling toddlers ED! Always great to see your progress, gets me pumped for my workouts!

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These kids get heavy when they want to be held all day don't they!

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Hell yea bro! Lookin solid for a squad leader...i feel u though...kids are tough but worth all the time and headaches!

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Thanks bro, that's what I keep telling myself when they're all yelling at once lol

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I wish I had known how rewarding having children is years ago, so I could have started earlier!! Best decision of my life was having a child!! Unfortunately nothing brings me more joy than they do! If daycare was free I’d have a whole fucking army!!!

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Nice work. Pretty good for a marine. Bigger than the ones I talk to in the gym anyway. Just messing with you! + Michigan State though? IU is going to take them in both football and basketball next year for once.

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Thanks man I try with the 3 brain cells I have lmao yeah those shorts are old af!

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3 brain cells right. You are one of the smartest mofo's on here, I have no doubt!

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He is pretty good, isnt he?

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Damn bro GOALS!!!

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Thanks B, I'm on a pretty light little cycle now actually! Feeling good is important too

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+2 to the Bone. Nice payoff guy, keep it going!

Edit- you're solid, I certainly don't need to tell you anything, but watch those squats man. I was repping 405lbs in highschool, and it went from there. Now I can still leg press pretty impressive, but my knees are shot. Think long term my bro, I'd like to see 105 years old, but... lol

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Thanks bro, I do like me some squats, I don't have a leg press or extension so I'm limited at the moment for heavy weight unfortunately.