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+ 3 No excuses promo


3 test cyp 250mg
3 deca 300mg
1 dbol 30 count
1 TNE 100mg

750 test cyp a week.
600 deca a week.
50mg dbol a day.

Starting Monday 7/18/2022 posting full review once completed.

3 touchdown I’ve used no excuses in the past it’s been about a year though but he is always been on point regarding every aspect of service.

Thanks 87’s for selecting me!

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I really love people who bulk in the summer and go against the grain. Good for you!!! +1

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Yeah doesn’t really matter I don’t compete and if some do there bulk or off-season starts when the show the wanna do meets that schedule.

Thanks brotha

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Looks good!!!! I will be posting my TD tommorow when it arrives

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Nice brotha pretty curious to see what you grabbed

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I wildcard this promo I got everything I never tried yet … lol you’ll see tommorow… it’s time to get swole !

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Ain’t no better time to try that out lol plus it being 87s you know it’s some quality.

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Someone's about to bulk the fuck up!

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Yes sir lol

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Nice little cycle there

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Yeah plus it’s no excuses He never disappoints!

Pretty sure you know what I’m talking about makwa you’ve tried out everyone! Always helping our the community with vital information.

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Just pinned some of his tri-blend 2.

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Lol I bet you have stashes to last to never donate for another order again.