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After my previous cycle (Aaster & PharmaQo) i changed the lab for SP and run a cycle like in the past.

I give a blood work a few days ago, to know my value and compare with the other lab or course at the same dose.

I start today or tomorrow the cycle :

Test Enanthate 250 0.5ml / week (and up more if i need)
Masteron Di-propionate 0.5ml twice week

The first week 1-3 i use Test Propionate in kick start (and not oral AAS) 50mg twice week.

Order :

SP Masteron Di-propionate 100
SP Testosterone Enanthate 250
SP Test Propionate

My goal are the same like in the past, to have heathly level test and add some little extra for well-being / sex drive, focus / helped the activity cognitive, and if i have some joint pain, i have a full vial of SP Nandrolone D to take 100mg / week.

I hope a better feeling , results and blood work than the previous (Aaster and PHarmaQo) and thanks to the support of RB !!! (^_^)

Have a blessed day,
Lundgren -

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SP changed their labels and carrier oil...this is genuine SP products and is their new design. In regards to your codes, you might be entering the numbers wrong and is mistaken the o for 0 for example, which I have done in the past. You will need to re enter (I know is frustrating) but this is the new SP design now on their products and this is shown also on their official website, as they have the same vials you have pictured and advertised on the website @lundgren

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I think i shared all informations sending by the seller.

From my side i have no results (good or wrong) about the code verification and i tried on mobile with 2 differents navigator and from dekstop with 3 different navigator.
RoidBazaar sending to me a screen with "valid number".

I used this cycle as TRT with TE / week + MP 50mg twice week
and kick start with TP.

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SP products would never be yellow. I’ve done their Test E multiple times and it’s ALWAYS been clear. Somebody ripped you off imo.

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I give some uptad about my order soon.
But after some research and helping i realized i have maybe the new design of SP and the oil have changed for the test Enanthate (but i wait the confirmation from the lab directly)
The stick have changed too.

But thanks for your advice and opinion.

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Never seen SP with vial tops like that....all the ones I have have SP and the compound name on the actual vial top and all vials came individually wrapped in clear plastic wrapping top to bottom. That must be a new thing they started doing. Never seen those asteriks *, but their older vials had the BIG sp lettering....all the ones I recently bought had small SP with the compound name on the actual vial top. Like the other SP gear pic products you posted from another source.

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I just realized the website are not the same ...

I have from my old stuff and from RB i have ...... :'(

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Plus all SP oils except for tren are clear, they use peach oil like BP. All their solutions with tren being the exception, come out clear and thin. That new SP enan you got is yellow oil....another odd difference . I've never seen any SP oil with the yellow tint....and I've used alot of SP.

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My friend, i have maybe a good new .... :-)
Like my grand father sayed : wait & see .... (^_^)

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Yeah this looks sketchy. Labels, tops,no wrapping on vials, and off color oils. No Bueno.

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I'm remember my SP TE she's was clear like water, here i have a colored oi.

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Yea that caught my attention instantly, but gave it the benefit of doubt due to raws/brewing process, but I have never seen yellowish oil testosterone solutions from SP labs in all my years of using them. Always clear and thin which I loved. Like Balkan, they use peach oil and I prefer it over most carrier oils used today. Never had any injection issues with it and feel great.

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This is exactly why sites like eroids are useful. Good eye man

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Hey my friend !
Thanks a lot for your opinion and for your kindness (^_^)

You know in the past when i tried Aaster and PHarmaQo I lost hope of being able to find a seller who offers good quality products while having prices accessible to small purses ....

Well your lucky i have my last test E vial SP and yes the form / size are not the same ...
The vial opened are the vial used when i get a good blood work SP test 250mg version.

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SP labs might have had a redesign in their labels and vials, which isn't uncommon as labs often change labels and design. The only way to truly know if what you have is authentic is by checking it out through that link I provided. See if the IPC numbers on your new vials come back authentic after typing them out on that website I linked to you. I bought 6 vials Tren A, 5 MastP, 4 TestP and 4 TestC. All of my 19 vials, for the various compounds I purchased came back authentic when I checked them after receiving, and my source is a verified reseller, per SP labs website. You can check there also if your source is a verified reseller of SP labs products. Use the link I provided on top of my message

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I'm still waiting about the answer of my email to the lab.

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Hello, a little uptad :
the rep of RB answered me today and he's tacking my picture, writen the serial and he asked me if I entered the letters correctly (uppercase, lowercase)
I used this website :
So from my side the serial dont match, and from the rep the serial work, today when i get my stuff i try again ....
If possible, do you tried from your side and tell me if the serial match ?

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Bad news, i tried with MasteronDP, Test E and Test P, numbers don't match :-/

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I check and give to you the results soon.

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Thanks a lot i try this evening !!!!