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Need Assistance!!!!!!


So I ordered 120 (30mg) ephedrine tablets. I received these ampules instead.
I have no idea what the mg per ml is, and not familiar with liquid ephedrine.
Im just gonna keep it stashed aside until I have further info.
I'm a little skeptical about injecting pure ephedrine.
If anyone has any experience or feedback, I'd appreciate it.
I'm not going to guinea pig anything.

Is it OK to take orally?
Sub q or IM?

Ordered from:
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Thanks everyone. Thats why I love this community.
FCK Google!!

All your help has been appreciated, the source even emailed me and confirmed everything.

Drink them. 50 mg/ml

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Have you used those before? If not start low dose so you can get tolerance to them and run them alone no eca stack to start it could be to much for you, then adjust little at a time bro. Be safe.

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Correct 50mg/ml, dosing depends on tolerance etc... I have a few left myself. Taste like shit, mix with what you want, I'd hold off on mixing with coffee til you see how you handle it wo

N fuck im injecting this lol anyone have before let me know how that went?

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Yea don't inject those.

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I wouldn't inject bro, I got some on the way. Plan on mixing it with my coffee in the morning. Keep me posted

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I will. Going to the gym in a bit. I'll take with my coffee

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Don't inject it. Just draw it out and swallow it.

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Thank you. I'll try that. I'll start small and watch my tolerance

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im not 100% sure sure but im pretty sure you can just drink it.

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It should be oral

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