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+ 3 kits4Less TD


Finally got my hands on some Glutathione & the BPC 157 !

2 days T/A and discreet per norm ;)

Any users can advise on the dosages of said above peptides ?


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Nice grab got the glutathione myself. Huge fan of it and will be a much cheaper option. Anyways I was told 3Ml and that would give you 200mg per ml which is the standard for glutathione . I do 0.5ml 4-5 days a week. I’ll be changing over to kits soon.

Jealous of the bpc. Have to keep me posted on it

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For my pec tear post surgery. Currently taking and doing a 3 month cycle that ends next week on the 28th.
BPC @500mcg x1 day in the AM.
TB500 @715mcg x1 day in the PM. (Around 5mg a week)
Did both supplements close to the site IM and also subcutaneous in my stomach.
You can do either. Thats was my sweet spot. My weight is 205ibs.

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Damn another Pec tear eh?!! By far the most common injury on here, probably followed by RTC and then bicep rupture/ACL.

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First injury I have ever had. Mine was actually a complete dettachment from the bone. They had to anchor it back down.
Decline Bench Press

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Glutathione,, Is a very powerful antioxidant that can help with boosting your immune system as well as recovery. Generally, you can do anywhere between 100 and 200 mg 2 to 3 times a week for 8 to 10 weeks.

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Nice grab just ordered a supreme D and grabbed a bottle of tren ace.

Interested in the glutathione. What’s your overall goal with it? I hear it makes the skin really glow and of course liver detox

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BPC 157 dosing varies wildly, depending on the doctor or forum you read. I think the smallest dose recommendation for BPC I saw was about 250mcg a day as close to the problem area as possible. That didn't do much for me, but when I doubled it to twice a day I started feeling much more of a difference. I found the 250mcg twice a day dose recommended a lot when looking around. Of course, some sources recommend significantly more - but personally I'd not go over the 250 x 2 dose just to be on the safe side, at first, to see how you react.

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250 1X per day and tb500 @500 mcg 2x per week was the spot for me directly into injured area