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+ 6 It’s been a while since I updated my progress


Lift hard this week boys

Leaning out a little. From 220 to 213 currently (not on cycle)

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Good work bro

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Thanks buddy!

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Sick quads bro, I’ve been trying to achieve the same and progressing slowly. Great to see a physique to go with the user name and established members putting up pics.

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Thanks buddy that means a lot. We all can attest, that keeping healthy and living a healthy lifestyle ain’t easy. Everyday we gotta give our best for tomorrow. Be safe buddy and thanks for the feedback.

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If that’s average, I’d like to be average. Good job, Bro!

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Thanks buddy, I appreciate that.

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you look fantastic brother!!! fucking keep that shit up and fuck the haters!! well done

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Thanks buddy. I don’t let anything get under my skin- I’m to old for that;).. keep lifting hard brotha . Appreciate the feedback.

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Ha! Your an idiot if that gets you all bothered. Get the f- out of here newbie!

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Looking good brother! Good job on the quads

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Looking decent bro!

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Thanks buddy. It’s nothing amazing just working out and loving life.

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top good luck