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+ 2 Infrajet IGF-1 Insulin like hrowth factor landed today!


I realy kept eye on this product for some time, read a lot of reviews and feedback, then I got finally convinced with huge offer that ths site runs at the website, took advantage of the opportunity and got these beauties. Its said to be fast acting compund, therefore I will follow "Big Tone36s" protocol, splitting the dose before and after the workout, probably 2 & 2mg each shot.

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Nice, I've been really thinking about trying it out myself.

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I don't feel it yet, but its only been my third shot today morning. We'll se after a month or so.

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But then 10 days later you are posting up a review lol......

Used a product for 10 days and you post a review....your reviews.. .all of them...can no longer be trusted.

Edit: Just saw the reason. Can't believe you'd sell out for $350...... that's all your integrity is worth? $350..Damn bro

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Very nice man

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2mg each shot?
I hope your protein shakes aren’t like 80g too?
That’s overkill bro. Start a bit lower. You can always go up.

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I actually do even more protein powder, some days when I train heavy and I'm pretty sure human body can handle with that. Smile When doing anabolics and GH, even in low doses, My body having a potential to utilize 350g+ of protein a day, without getting bloated or having to fart...While off-cycle its a whole different story, I feel having dificulties only to digest 220g of lean protein, I feel full and sometimes puffy...:) Regarding this Infrajet I actually misscounted, I will go with one + one mg of content each shot. Thank you for your perception mate.

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I’m glad you caught my sarcasm. I was hoping that was a miscount. I didn’t think tones protocol was that much either. And I think he may have some size on you based on pics but idk your weight.

I’ve gone as high as 400g protein per day and it just caused GI issues for me. Zero improvement in muscle growth. I find I do much better between 1.5-1.8g/lb of LBM per day

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no, no I'm pretty sure that Big Tone run 1mg pre and 1mg post-workout as well, which is what I wanna do, I found that interesting approach. I'm 109kg, Big Tone must be much smaller! Haha Smile

regarding the protein consumption, I've heard many nutrition specialist concerned in AAS usage, telling me everyone is defferent and reacts differently, but golden rule is to stick to the ammount that doesn't bloat you or feel uncomfortable different way, which Is what I stick to.

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Very nice bro

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Thank you for your TD pic Sir! Enjoy!