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+ 14 IGF1 test 513 on the baseline 112


the baseline is 112, i ran 4iu am,4iu bedtime for 6 days,sides started to come in after 3 days, after 6 days, i feel very tired after work out,i had nightmare,i couldnt sleep well, so i must drop to 3iu am,3iu bedtime,for 4 days, then my hands have swollen like sausage, i got incredible painful on my body,all the muscles got growing pain every day, i couldnt even work out , but sleep is deeper,coz i didnt sleep much before, my finger nails and my hair grow very fast. so i must drop to 2iu am,2iu am for 5 days, i ran blood test,
so the detail of dose as below:
4iu am,4iu bedtime 6 days
3iu am,3iu bedtime 4 days
2iu am,2iu bedtime 5 days
after 15 days, i ran the blood test,the protocol as below
inject 8iu,on subQ, 3 hours, NO FAST
so the result is : IGF1 513
GH serum is 21.5 with 8iu, coz first time, i inject 12iu, gh serum is 24.4

after 15 days, ran the blood work, the muscle pain really killing me, sausage hands, i couldnt work out, so i stopped for 3 days, the side fade,after 5 days,i start 2iu am,2iu bedtime, 5 days on, 2 days off. still hands swelling a little,but not much, sleep is deeper,but always nap for 2 hours from time to time, also due to my work, i couldnt sleep too much, coz i couldnt reply email more than 3 hours,lol.

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