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+ 4 Hunter Pharm ment primo test


2nd order from this source. I really like the products so far so I'm gonna keep using them to test out some more. Ordered another 100mg ment, gonna try the 200mg primo out to see how the pip is, and I've wanted to try testosterone acetate for a while, and 2 hcg. No EO it guiacol in any of these oils which also makes me very happy. Everything is priced good and super fast service. I ordered late Friday night and it showed up Monday and we are not close in location at all. Super fast service. Very pleased so far and they have a lot of good service reviews on the other forum for years so they seem like a very solid source.

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Interested if any pip on these

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Definitely 0 on the ment. I've only done 2 shots of the primo and test ace so far but no pip from either of them and it was a large volume injection too 3cc, so I don't see any problems in the future from them and it's nice thin oil too which I always like. It was a test run for the primo to see how the pip was and it seems good so I will be ordering more this Friday. This source has alot of good reviews on that other forum for years so I feel very confident in their products and they have a great selection priced well.

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Nice to find a source with 100mg ment.

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It is! especially one without any super solvents. And the test ace might have a little pip to it actually. It's weird cuz I get 0 pip from test prop and people say test ace is better than prop because no pip but I think I'm just pip sensitive for test ace for some reason.

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Typically the shorter the ester the more prone to pip. I would expect ace to have more pip than prop. Little blending should solve it.

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Nice vials!! +1

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Pretty vials

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How you gonna run that ace?

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The same way you would run test prop. The esters are similar. Dose daily.