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+ 6 Hgh Test


Been on for 1 month and running 2iu's a day with 1 day off. I don't put 1cc of water in Vail, only put 8 lines of water which makes it a lot stronger. I took 1 vail 3 hours before test

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great igf. What I have been coming to belive is that the serum test protocol will also raise igf. Hellraizor came up with this a lil while back. We might bot need to wait as long as originally thought to test igf levels.

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Yea I do believe there should be 2 dif tests from the tests I see the igf is usually about 200 less w out a 10 iu spike! Serum level yea is correct but igf is not accurate

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I'm going to repost the Serum post you commented on (with more blood work) And yes, GH Serum, IGF-1, IGFBP3, will all spike/elevate after one injection. (SubQ or IM)

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kool thanks.and thanks for all the info as usual

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578 at only 2iu per day?!?!??! Are you sure it's not 2iu am, mid day, and pwo?!?! Lol What is your baseline 400?!!?!? Great numbers nonetheless!!

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he put 8 lines of water, so it should be 3iu ed, not 2iu ed

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Dosage doesnt seem right but great numbers reguardless

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Impressive numbers!

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Thanks for the bloods +1

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I'm confused. If you cut a pizza into 4 slices and eat one or cut it into 8 slices and eat 2 it's still the same amount of pizza.

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If your putting 0.8cc of water into vial and take out 0.2cc thats not 2iu anymore
If a vial has 10iu n u put 1cc each 0.1cc will be 1iu
If you put 0.8cc that means each 0.1cc u pull out is now 1.25iu
Simple Pharmacolgical math
But still impressive crazy ass high IGF-1
Dam i want some Gods now

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u r absolutely right. coz godtropin is 12iu, so usually , we put 1.2cc of water,its easier.
u put 0.8cc of water, u draw 0.22cc,that is not 2iu,its 3iu
but 3iu ed with one day off, igf1 578 ,is very high
i ran 6iu ed for 15 days, igf1 was 513

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Everything affects everyone different because we all are different! My Genetics and your Genetics are different! That's what's ppl must understand is that we all are different! I'm weighing 285lbs 6'1 with 10% bodyfat and ppl on here that know my YouTube Channel know that I'm a BEAST on the weights. I never come off Hgh but 1 month out of the year and I've ran Hgh this way for the last 8 years

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2iu's 6 on with 1 off day,, I don't put 1cc of water in vail, i put 8 lines and it is a lot stronger,, been on Godtropin Hgh for 1 month now,, took 8iu's 3 hours before test

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Wtf?? 2iu's a day, you sure about that?

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what is your baseline IGF? Was the GH serum based on 2 iU or 5 or 10?

How long you been on when tested?