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+ 11 Gyms been open for over 6 weeks now....Muscle memory


Yes, the quality of the picture is extremely blurry. I did that on purpose because im covered in tattoos.

The pandemic had my gyms closed for 5 months ....i know sucks right .... Which gave me time to come off and just enjoy other things in life ....this isnt really a transformation this more on the ends to muscle memory ... I dont expect anyone to try to put on as much size as they can in 6 weeks that would be beyond unhealthy.... It feels good to be back up to 250+ lbs. ...

Im currently running
Ultima OXY 50 1tablet a day (some strong stuff)
Odin Megatest 500. 3x times a week totaling 1500 a week
Deca 300 3x a week at 900

Aromasin n Arimidex 1/2 a tab every other day

i am an experienced gear user.... Dont do what im doing lol . . . its a lot n not safe for even the experience like myself .....

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+1 big mfkr. That 500 hurts

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No pip surprisingly tone .... Lol .... Appreciate it

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+1 fat ass! Looking good. I’m jealous!

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Lol appreciate it !

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You know I wonder about these pictures.
This one should have 30 thumbs up by now.

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Shoot 30 thumbs ?!?!?.... That would be awesome lol ... Maybe if i didnt blurr it so much to protect my identity due to beong fully sleeved i probably could've had those High numbers.... This is really me if youre wondering ... Feel free to PM and we can figure out the best way to prove it

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I know it’s you. I just think the pictures deserve more thumbs up,

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If he asks for a photo of your penis don’t fall for it like I did.

Looking huge mate, would you have the time to share your diet on here?

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Quit telling secrets...

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Lmao ur outta control lol ....i might put it in a log .... Pop my cherry on the forum side of things .... I've been eating as much as i can tho lol .... But i will deff keep u posted

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+1, you and I are cool bro, so don't take this the wrong way... you do realize you were cock diesel in the first pic right? Lol. The hard work shows man, it really shows big guy. Nice job.

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Lmao .... Thanks man appreciate you brother

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Looking good man, what did you do for food? I’m assuming you ramped the food up as you went along, probably cut calories while you were out of the gym, correct?

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While i was out the gym i cut the calories big time .... When i got back in the gym .... Ive been downing all types of calories plus the gear helped with my appetite ....

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U did it smart. I kept eating and got fat (imo) then when i went back to train when gyms opened after 5 weeks i was diagnosed with gastroparesis and my digestion got fkd up and couldn't eat. Hopefully my next run goes as good as yours. I didnt do to bad. Im close to my shape i was last year

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+1 for top pick + 2 for bottom pick lol .. either way many are chasing after ! Including myself ! Work man .!

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Im just was working hard .... I had to get back to where i was lol ....appreciate it brother

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Means a lot coming from u Sam !

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Your bigger than me bro.
That’s good though, motivation is the key to personal goals.

I’ve got a buddy that’s one win out from his pro card. Good dude, I hate his fuckin guts when I’m in the gym.
That’s how it goes...

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Got big!

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Thanks bro. . . i was big becore the whole Covid thing happened but i like how i was able to have a tighter waist this time around lol

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Hey Lookin good mate!!!

No Messin with Sosa - he's a Bad ass M'Fer .....

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Lol thanks brother ...

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My Brother! I love you and thank you for everything!!!! Lol

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Damn dude I didn’t know you were that big.
Man can’t wait to try anadrol. +1

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lol Thanks bro .... I gotta give it to ultima theyre drol is om point for effectiveness ... Its been 3 weeks come tommorow .... Good Drol will make you wide.... U might get stretch marks from rapid growth .... I bope u keep me posted on your journey ...Much Luv

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Looking huge bro +1

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Good looks brother ... The hard work os paying off