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GoldenLabs: testing the waters


Put in a small test order. These prices are just ridiculous, so I just had to put them to the test.
Wow, the presentation is just amazing. Looks super high end. I'm impressed. Now list have to try and see how effective the products are. Stay tuned...

Ordered from:
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Are you in the US? How long did it take to land?

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Nope. EU. About 20 days... something like that. I dont really care to be honest. Only when it passes 30 days I start throwing a fit. Lol

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It's good stuff if it's anything like their test e, incredible stuff for how cheap it is.

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Looks good

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It does. And those little glass bottles inside are adorable... lol
Really, for the price, if it's any good(which I dont doubt) the presentation well thought of. I know it doesnt mean shit if its garbage, but it's a nice professional touch.

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Let us know how do you like it Smile