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6 years ago, before i went to gym,i was 180cm, 62kg, then one day,i decided to change myself, since i went to gym, i works 1.5 hour ed, 6 days per week, almost non stop for 6 years, during those years, i tried several cycles with deca,sustan etc, no serious work out,just play around in the gym,and never have diet, i eat what i can catch in the street. then i keep 84kg--86kg with BF about 13% for years.

2 months ago, i decide to have a cut cycle, so zeb proposed me to run primobolan,winstrol.with goftropin. all of those r first time for me, never used before.
primobolan 200mg per week
winstrol 150mg per week
godtropin 6iu ed split 3iu am, 3iu bedtime

after 3 weeks, i jump from 86kg to 92kg, i can feel the change on my body everyday, all my friends around me got shocked as well.

meanwhile, i got sides from gh, tired and sleepy all the time, growing painful on all of my body, i cant even work out , then i ran IGF1 test, it was 513, gh serum was 25.5. then i stopped it for 3 days, all sides were gone, then i jump 4iu ed ,then i feel more comfortable.

this cycle lasted for 6 weeks, i got 94kg, during this cycle, i still play around in the gym,not serious at all, as i travel a lot, i cant prepare foods for myself, so i always take pizza,KFC everyday, but i didnt get any fat.

after the cycle, during pct, i run 4iu ed, my weight dropped to 92kg,but i lost a lot of fat, eat like shit everyday, but still learn out , i hate abs, i almost never work on abs.

now i realize that its so easy to cut with those stuff, i didnt know it. i keep runing gh,i think my muscle is getting harder and leaner

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Matt looking Awesome!! +1

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Nice size bro!

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Good job bro looking lean,

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Looking sensational brother! Lean, dense and tight! Very symmetrical and well proportioned athletic physique! Considering you don't work your abdominals, they still shine through beautifully! Very nicely accomplished! +2 for a very aesthetically pleasing and well contoured build!

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Thanks. Bro.

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Nice work bro!

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Looking good brother. You look as if you model part time as well damn son!! Haha keep killin it bro!! +1

Got to love the GODTROPIN!!

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My sister said she would come as payment!

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u abuse my gh, and your sister wanna abuse my beauty?

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Lean mean machine brother.

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Thanks for your advice. Bro.

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Matt looking goodbrother !! Primo and winie with gh is what models do , var too

U could make modeling career ...in your other life , this life u give gh to us :-)

Ofc u can eat dirty on quality gh and stay lean

If u do test-tren-mast-godtropin-t3 u will have to live in kfc hahaha

Damn good lines , and abs shape

Good job my friend

Dope approved

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Oh yeah. Approved by professional

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Great body brother!

Exactly like what I wish to achieve, in my own body of course

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damn...i kind of figured u were asian. looks like a jcpenny modeling audition photo...in the gay mans section lol...just messin, that is a pretty fabulous pose though homie +1

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im so shy to admit that i was modeling when i was young. and many gay website took my pics in china. lol

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lol i see why...no offense. u still look good though. just feminine

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It's offense. Lol

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You must have all the ladies saying "me so horney love you long time" lol

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actually im based in europe for 15 years , so the ladies come to me, ask me where i am from, i said chinese, they got shocked,and asked. r u sure u r 100% chinese? i said i think so if my mom didnt cheat.

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I'm 25% Chinese

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u should be proud of having chinese blood. lol

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im chinese from the waist down

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That's a bad stereotype. Bro

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How you guess dam you can't keep a secret.

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Matt your looking great.

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yeah, i think first cycle with new stuff it works very well

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to be honest, i never ran gh before, this is my first time for gh,primo,and winstrol,so i think im very sensitive with those, as the first time i ran deca and sustan, i changed a lot. then i got less and less for the next same cycle.

if i work out harder and keep diet, i should get better.

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Looking good Matt +1

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thanks bro