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+ 5 Godtropin IGF-1 results, 4ui 3 weeks


Well, here you have guys my results of the blood test i took 4 days ago. I was on GT for just 3 weeks, at 4ui, 2ui am and 2ui pm. I am not using anything else, i am not in a cycle and i didn't take anything except GT. I think is not really bad result to be ON for 3 weeks, at 4ui 7 days a week. Soon i will do a new order and i would like to use 6ui, 3ui am + 3 ui pm. Thanks Matt for that amazing product

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That's a very good result and tru igf number! All these other igf tests r done w a 12 iu spike before bloods pulled

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that;s it man, i didn;t inject 12ui to go gh serum, i wanted a clean IGF-1 results. i think is a good result to use only 3 weeks and a 4ui/day. Next one i hope will be done at 6 week using 6ui/day, let's see what happend then.....:)

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Nice bloods!

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Thanks for doing bloods! Great numbers once again! +1

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Great numbers

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nice, yeah!!. waiting for re-stock,ehehehe

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You think a 442 off 4iu is bad?

Not i

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Ehehhehe. Of course nooo!i think it is very good result for 4ui/day in 3 weeks. I am 33 so now 12years younger. Ahhahahaha

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Got you!
I am at 8 iu a day right now. Should be very beneficial to healing

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Like a 21 year old nice!