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Goddamn good looking shit!


Steroidify sent me some badboy Ultima to bang down..My boy Legion of Doom told me i gotta get some so i did! Finishing my Tren run and some Para cyp in a couple weeks so im going to run 1g a week of this cyp by itself,lets see some magic!! Thanks Steroidify and thanks for the Viagra too my brother!!!

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How long did it take to arrive? Been waiting a month

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About 2 weeks bro to usa...tracker didnt update til it hit custies here

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Hell ya my brother good shit right there u will love it.

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It’s great ! Enjoy ur run

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It’s good thin oil. You’ll like it.

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Nice!!! Ima get more i think!!

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Hell Yeahh!! Have fun bud Smile

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My man!! Thanks bro!! I cant wait!!!!!

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I can't remember if you've ever said Tercio - but do you like your Adrol and if so how do you tend to run it?

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I run it 50mg daily with 50mg dbol,split into day/ night doses...I know you dont have to split the drol but i think it assimiliates better with the dbol that way...If i run just drol i run 75mg for 14 days

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Yep its great to run 50/50 like that with Dbol isn't it, I often do it too. I just cannot decide though whether you get stronger running it like that or running 100mg Adrol ED. Its a tough call as when you have the Dbol in there you get the added energy from the glycogen loading don't ya in the muscle, but do you get better overall healing and recovery running the higher Drol? Mmmmm Lol

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I like your style!! I honestly like the combo..With me it reduces bloat believe it or not...I end up like the pillsbury dough boy on high drol!!! Lol