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+ 1 GK Ment Ace 100 and test prop 100


Just switched from another sources Ment A to GK Ment A. Running test prop alongside. Great shit!

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Should have results on this batch tomorrow…..should’ve had them Friday but who I am to fuss

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Not sure what the numbers are but I do know it's on point! Def strong and I feel the difference vs the other sources shit. Not to mention, there's hardly any 100 out there, it's mostly 50. It makes a difference for sure! Always coming correct brother man!

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That Ment is on point. Enjoy.

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Good stuff but horrible picture

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For Some reason every time I post a pic it's sideways. Kinda pissing me off. Didn't know if it's my phone or what?

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I've heard if you screenshot the pic and then post the screenshot then it uploads the right way.

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I should give it a try. Thanks

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