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+ 14 Full as fk! 20inch guns baby!


This one is for PALE because i know how he loves the arms shots (quite the contrary) lol! Been running Sciroxx tren E, test E, mast E going on my 3rd week at 1ml per week of each compounds. started cycle at 220lbs, was 236lbs in This pic (mostly water).This is a very light cycle for me because my last blood work wasn't so good, my hematocrit, hemoglobin, and RBC was pretty dame high and im trying to been conservative. I have dumped blood and taking baby aspirin to thin out my blood. Guys, do your BLOODWORK!!! VERY IMPORTANT FOR LONGEVITY! STAY SAFE MY FRIENDS! THANK YOU!

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I Waiting for a package to drop from Karl

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Killer arms, got some god damn pythons.

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Appreciate that coming from You Uncle!

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I drained a pint 2 days after this pic. My CBC was off the charts. My hematocrit hit 58.8% after only running a TRT dose of test for 12 weeks. Shits been building a long time. Last year it was only 55%.

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Looking good Big T!
Damn that’s some High hematocrit….I’m
Glad to hear you we’re able to drain out a pint!
Baby aspirin is good the 86 mg i take 2 a day

Keep up the great progress Brother in life it’s all about maintaining the current physic .

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That bicep is what my dick looks like after taking a gas station boner pill lol great job

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"Gas station boner pill"

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Appreciate all the support my brothers

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Looking thicc bro! +

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+1 for trying to be responsible! Bloodwork and health are all we really got.

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