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First order from Arni


Here’s my first order from Arni. This Cat really struck me as someone who isn’t messing around. Has a clear vision of what he’s trying to do and after a few PMs and emails this order was on the move. TA was around 4 days from order. Can’t ask for a better turnaround. Won’t be running another stack until around June so I have a lil while until I crack the tops.
3x TestE 250mg
4x Tren Ace 100mg

Ordered from:
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I was always a sucker for a nice colored tren. That looks nice!

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Oh thank you for posting this, I didn't know if you would or not. I appreciate the opportunity to provide you with great gear. You are right when you say I have a clear vision. I have a clear goal in mind and will work for it every day.

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Hey man I appreciate all the help with the order. This new age stuff makes me feel old. Now I feel pretty silly for making it way harder than it really is. Way easier than I thought. I’ll need to stock up a bit before my next stack so expect another order coming up

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Isnt' that how it always is though? We build things up to be much harder than they are? I'm guilty of that as well. You are doing a great job, you should be proud of yourself.

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Bottles looking nice. What flavor is the protein
I like the cookies n creme and doublerich chocolate in my shakes

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It’s double rich:) That combo sounds good man. Might have to try that out

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Looks good

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The tren looks pretty bro

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Looks so good too

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Yeah it does. I took a light to the vials and the oils look crystal clear. I wish I didn’t have to wait to run this

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Guys blowing up bro!

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He ain’t fucking around that’s for sure

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Yea. Looks like him and the other dude are here to stay