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  • lundgren   •   Sat, Jan 30th, '21 15:59   •   2 replies, 171 views

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With a little delay, i post my first order with Roidbazzard, the communication are answered 24-48h, the support helped me a lot for some things.

My order are to try the quality of Aaster and used for healing / support joints, i started the cycle the 15 december 2020 with :

0.5ml : 200mg TE / 7-10 days for TRT
0.3ml : 120mg ND / 7-10 days for joints
0.5ml : 50mg MP / 7 days

Little extra :

Oxymetholone 50mg / day

I used a few days and stoped for some reason, but i restart the Oxymetholone 50mg / day for 3 weeks.

In generally i feel great, the vascularity are awesome, the effect of Masteron sense of well-being + libido are present.(i know for some people 50mg are low dose).
About Deca, i used in the past pharma grade 100mg, and testosterone for TRT, so i know +/- how i react with therapy dose.

I plan blood work in a few weeks, and share with pleasure like the previous cycle + day of injection.



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  • Roidbazaar
  • 1 month ago

Heeey brooo ... great, thanks for posting and sharing your first feedback.
Keep on rocking ...
Cheers mate ;)

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Hello your welcome and thanks ( /^ω^)