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EpPharma Gear Pics

ad gear has landed! This is the fastest I have ever gotten gear delivered. I ordered on Monday (Nov 21) and it was in my mailbox on Wednesday (Nov 23). WTF?!?! that's crazy fast. Plus I got some extra goodies. Love the smell of the oils. And super clean presentation. First impressions are really good so far. I just pinned 450mg of test E and 375mg of Tren E. Will review once I finish the cycle.

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Nice pickup there!

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Looks good bro

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Anyone remember Miss E?

Good times

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That was @wanted 's woman wasn't it?

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Modern day Romeo and Juliet

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This guy had no place running gear based on his questions in my inbox

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If you're referring to cim131313, I absolutely agree. Straight mental case that one is. He needs a therapist, not AAS

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Yeah i don't beat a man when he is down but fuck I could barely read his messages, absolutely mental and very reckless with dosages